Q. What is Jungbub?

A. Jungbub is the truth and the natural law that guides us toward a righteous life. We are struggling and conflicting with each other because we are trapped in our own knowledge and common sense so that we can’t understand each other and can’t understand the Great Nature.

Now, humanity has reached 70% of the evolution of consciousness, but we are not progressing any further. We are getting separated from each other. Unless we reduce the gap and stop the polarization, our problems will only get worse and accelerate.

The current adversities mankind are facing can be solved only when we truly understand each other and all of us become one. Jungbub provides a new point of view for us to examine our common sense confining the consciousness. It will grow our wisdom to break the thick bark of common senses and establish a new paradigm above it.

From solving each individual’s difficulties to realizing the true human welfare, we will be able to find answers in Jungbub.

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  • [JUNGBUB TALK] Lecture 4191. Money in Youth (2/3)

Jungbub-4191. Money (2/3)

November 28th, 2019|Tags: |

Continuing from episode 1   Q. Many people say that they had earned good money when they didn’t know about money, but they couldn’t make money anymore once they found out about its value. A. They didn’t know about money. They couldn’t earn money because they became greedy for money. That is the reason. It’s not like you can’t make money once you know about it. "When one isn’t greedy about money, one can make money [...]

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