Q. When I get angry while talking with others, I cannot endure the anger. It has been an obstacle in my life. I think it is because I stand on my pride. How can I solve this problem?

A. Being angry means that it is said that you are smart. You have to know the principle of what invokes an anger. Being angry means that you are smart. Why are the smart getting angry? It means that you have no answer even if you are smart. Therefore, you can not solve the problem. The smart people become angry if they can not solve the problem. If smart people did the real smart things they would not be angry because they could handle every problem.

You get angry because you have no answer nor power to solve the problem even if you are smart.

When you ask something that you cannot solve by yourself to me, I give you the answer making you understand. Then, there is no reason to me to get angry. That is the difference between you and me. When you hear something, you try to handle the matter with your smartness while not knowing the true answer. That’s why you are angry. Thus, it shows that how ignorant you are not capable of managing the tasks.

If you realized this now you can be modest again, lower yourself and decide that you will be equipped to be skillful little by little.

What can I do if I don’t want to get angry? You have to realize how ignorant you are at managing the task. How can it be possible? You should ask yourself, ‘Am I truly smart while I can’t solve the given problems well?’ I am not capable of managing the tasks because I am not that smart. I feel frustrated. It’s my fault to feel frustrated. Then what could you do? You can say “I have to do self-introspect” and then you should kneel down and be modest. As long as you keep thinking yourself you are smart it’s impossible for you not to be angry. If someone who lacks of ability tries to be superior to others it is no wonder that he will have conflicts. Then if the problem is not still solved, he will get angry because he is not modest. Someone who gets angry must have had strong power. If someone with strong power doesn’t put an effort to improve himself, he will not solve the problems given to him, therefore, can’t benefit people around him. Thus, he feels frustrated because he would see the problems of the given circumstances but he could not manage them. How could a person who don’t benefit others be called a ‘superior’? It is not the way it is. When you come to this Earth, although you are given with a high spirit, yet you still don’t know what is wrong; you feel frustrated because you are not skillful at the given circumstances from being ignorant. If you realized this now you can be modest again, lower yourself and decide that you will be equipped to be skillful little by little.

There are two ways to get into the self-discipline.

Now you are entering into self-discipline. There are two ways to get into the self-discipline; one is the easy way and the other is the hard one. When you get into the self-discipline in your daily life making yourself be modest, this is the easy self-discipline. On the other hand, you can get into the hard one which is saying that you harsh on yourself and do penance to correct your inconsistencies. You do this even though it is a hard one. So, the one with great enlightenment chooses the hard one while the other with normal enlightenment chooses the easy way as he lives up to his life tenderly and handles what he has to do. Thus, when the awakened master comes out to society, you serve him and learn from him. This is the way you can be modest. From the benefit of the great enlightenment, you reach nirvana while practicing good deeds. Understand?

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