Q. This is a kind of heavy and regrettable question; it’s about racial discrimination. Until now, there has been a racial discrimination between whites and blacks, but now, there is a new type of discrimination against Asians. So, the second generation of Asians is now discriminated a lot in their schools. I’d like to ask your answer about it from your wisdom.

A. Yes, racial discrimination is a very important issue and we should find the right answer. People have talked so much about how they would abolish racism. Why hasn’t racial discrimination disappeared?

Humans have never discriminated people by race

We should know that there has been no racism in the United States. Namely, humans have never discriminated people by race. We should look at it carefully and analyze correctly what humans have done and are doing on Earth. In each era, humans should do and act something demanded by society. When people haven’t done such things, then they would be discriminated against. So, this is not racial discrimination but differentiation of mass. In a high quality-mass society, people should live in actions of high quality of mass in order not to be discriminated against.

Korean is also the same. There was a time when the West accepted Asians. They accepted us due to our diligence and sincerity. How do they now deal with us? They began to look down upon us. Why? The Asians are not doing their duties for the world community. They don’t find their work for society yet. We should live by doing the work which is suited to the mass of society. People could do the low-mass work in the society with less mass, but they should live by doing the high-mass work in the society with high mass. Then no one is discriminated against. Is the word ‘racism’ truly upright? Any people haven’t discriminated other people in human history.

If people try to find out their work and do it, everyone will be well treated and cared for by others.

If people try to find out their work and do it, everyone will be well treated and cared for by others. The important thing is what and how Koreans (Korean Americans) try to do in the United States. We should not expect to be treated well. You should think about what you are doing now in this world. There was a time when Jewish people had been persecuted in (ancient) Rome. Analyze it carefully why they had been persecuted. They had been persecuted because their behaviors had been a lesser quality of mass. There had been no leaders who could have helped people to improve their qualities and to become the people whom society needed. They had thought only when they had believed in God then everything would be accomplished as the bible said. What you are doing on Earth can become making holy God or spitting in God’s face. We should now think of it with a different perspective. God (Heaven) loves and takes care of everyone, but there are people who make God being spat in his face and there are disciples who make God seem to be holy. So, we should now think differently.

People make themselves being discriminated by race

People make themselves being discriminated by race. If everyone lives rightly in society, there would be no discrimination. Such a thing never happens. That is a human being. From now on, we should look at ourselves. We as Asians should search for what we have been doing in the West, and in humanity. If we are doing something wrong then we can learn the right thing, and if someone teaches us the right way then we can go that way. We are the honest people and live very diligently. Because no one has taught us and showed us the right path, we have become stagnant and are now wishing only for good luck. Then we will never be treated well. If you want to be well treated, then you should do the work which is needed for the American society. If you can’t do it right now then just try to do such a work and then you will never be despised.

What are we now going to do for humanity?

The time has come for Asians to get up. This is important that all Asian nations stand up and what they should do for humanity, and the age will change. The West has made an effort enthusiastically to develop knowledge and technology, thereby being transported in Asia. By riding on this wave, the Asians have risen, were educated, and went out into the international community. What are they now then going to do for humanity? We should think about this again. I will lead and teach all of you and I will let you know how you are bright and important people whom the world needs.


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