Inner Power:

Scientists don’t know what inner power is yet. They don’t know such power as inner power. They only know about the force of gravity, so how can they study on this subject? Being the greatest energy of all, inner power is significantly bigger than the force of gravity. No matter how vast their knowledge is, they don’t understand the inner power itself. They can only understand it when they gain a deep understanding of Nature and human beings.

Inner Power emerges when your soul gained its strength.

Speaking of inner power, when I asked people about what they thought the inner power was, they answered what was believed to be inner power, which turned out to be wrong. Inner power is something that happens when your soul gained its strength. Each human being has one’s soul and when this soul gains its power with full amount of quality of energy, we call it inner power. When people have their inner power, their wisdom will arise and it will be released.
In other words, it is as a planet becomes a star and emits light as it gains big energy from the force of gravity. Emitting light means it is releasing its energy. However, the Earth is not emitting light, but the sun is. This is why people call the sun, a star, and the Earth, the planet. It could not become a star. Therefore, the Earth cannot produce anything which can be given to the outer world and is operating by the energy of the light which is produced by the outer world.

One spoken word of you becomes a virtue to each man and the Universe.

In other words, since we, as each human being in this global world, have grown up now, we can benefit others by releasing our wisdom as we gain it through our inner power, and change our society, the world, the mankind and the Universe, and manage the Universe. If this inner power does not emerge, human beings will not be able to use their own power. So, if we don’t gain this energy through the truth, if we are not taught the truth, the inner power will never be formed. We will just remain as a planet. We can never be a star. The individuals of Hongikingans should be the stars. Thereby, one spoken word of you should become a virtue to each man, and the Universe. Can you understand a little?


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