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When I feel angry

Why am I angry? ****** When I’m attached to a certain event or a person, I form a certain expectation. When the outcome doesn’t satisfy my expectation, I feel disappointed or angry.  I feel frustrated when it reached the limitation because of incompetence. I feel angry when they didn’t do

My Jungbub Journal

Growth Pain (physical)

My left ear didn’t function well ***** Last a couple of days, I suffered from an intense growth pain. Before I went to bed on Saturday night, I felt mild dizziness. When I stood up and walked to the bathroom, I had a hard time to make a balance. The

Reflecting February and starting March – Magical Power of Action

  Reflecting February 2020 ———– Magical Power of Action While I was sitting and thinking, I could only see walls and challenges. My thoughts tend to find excuses. Yet, when I was moving and taking actions, I started seeing doors hidden between walls and the doors lead me to the

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I postponed my full marathon attempt

  I postponed my full marathon attempt ———– Right after my half marathon on September 1st, I made a plan to run a full marathon in December. Before the planning, I vaguely thought that if I could run a half marathon, three months would be enough to try a full

November Reflection and December Planner 2019

November Reflection and December Planner 2019

  My Awakening in November 2019 – the law of energy conservation and exchange ———– Energy is conserved. None of them is waste. I made a community news website in November. I’m sure it started contributing to the community at a certain level. After finishing the website, I received several kauai community news traffic live map website – when I contribute to the community, I’m just paid back

  I built a website for the community, ———– In November, I built a news website for the community. It’s called I used RSS, Google Alerts and imbedded Facebook pages to collect all the news articles related to our community. Also, I made State-wide and Nation-wide news sections.

October Reflection and November Planner 2019 - meditation & consciousness

October Reflection and November Planner 2019 – Meditation & Consciousness

  My Awakening in October 2019 – Meditation & Consciousness ———– Consciousness is like pure light. The pure light doesn’t have a color. When we see something, it’s just a reflection of the object. The pure light becomes distorted by the object when it’s reflected. So, we become easily confused

September Reflection 2019

September Reflection and October Planner 2019

  September Reflection 2019 ———– Definitely, finishing my first half marathon is the biggest achievement in September. My previous article: From Sedentary To Running a Half Marathon in 6 Months Memorable keywords Kauai Half Marathon Starting a full marathon training Working with LightQuest (Bryan) Kōloa Rum 10th Anniversary Party Zipline

Reflection on August Planner for September 2019

Reflection on August and a Planner for September 2019

  Reflection on August 2019 ———– As the Marathon event approaches, I pushed my training. Last two weeks, I felt extremely tired. Especially, as I practiced an uphill running, I pushed not only to train my legs but also my heart and lungs to their peak performance. When I lied

Reflection on July Planner for August 2019

Reflection on July and a Planner for August 2019

  Reflection for July 2019 ———– July was a month of improvement. My running has improved, our business is reaching more people and bigger businesses on Kauai. Also, our business’ official address was changed to Lihue (finally). Still, I feel this improvement is another preparation for bigger results. It will

Planner for July and Reflection on June 2019

Planner for July and Reflection on June 2019 (Being Mature)

  Reflection for June 2019 ———– In June, I laid out building blocks to build the foundation after the struggling in May. My biggest awakening is a difference between the mature and the immature: The mature care people around them first, while the immature take care of themselves first. Caring

Planner for June and Reflection on May 2019

Planner for June and Reflection on May 2019

  Reflection for May 2019 ———– May was a struggling month. But, it was not struggling for just struggling. It was like a setback before jumping forward. I started running, then got injured. Stopped running for a whole week to recover from the injury. My phone’s screen died. Then, I

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