Your Life's Situation Is Not Fixed!

Your attitude and actions constantly change it.

Life Coaching Session

Mentoring for your health, relationships & success

Do you want to change your current situation and create different outcomes? The good news is that you can change your life by changing your attitude, words, and actions. 

Nothing is fixed. Actually, our life is very responsive and exactly ruled by its own principles. Just the time and efforts required for the change will be different. The bottom line: everything changes based on cause and effect.

Albert Einstein said, “Problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them.” If you’re lucky enough to find the right coach or mentor, your life will change immediately.

As a life coach, I love helping people grow from their life’s situation and discover their potential. My coaching sessions will raise your vibe and energy and help you gain confidence and build strength.

Through coaching, we will 

  • assess your situation and circumstances; 
  • identify the root cause of the issues; 
  • make actionable plans (from easy steps);
  • hold you accountable through regular communication.

Also, I will suggest Jungbub lectures related to your situation if needed.

While I coach or mentor, you will experience authentic support until you accomplish your desired goals without feeling overwhelmed.

Try the free initial coaching session. It will clarify where you are, what you want, and where to start. Also, it will be your opportunity to see if my coaching style works for you. This initial assessment session is absolutely FREE and NO-STRINGS-ATTACHED.


One 45 Minute Session
One Time Offer Per Person

Price - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

After the initial session, I will suggest a couple of coaching plans. And you decide how much you want to pay based on your experience and results.

It can be $20 per session or $200 per session. Completely up to you.

After each session, I will send you my PayPal link and you input the amount you want to pay for the session. If you are not satisfied, you can pay less than we discussed. Also, you can pay more if you receive more than you expected.

100% satisfaction guaranteed!

Aloha, My name is Shawn S Lee. I’m a life coach, a meditation teacher, and a Jungbub student. Please feel free to read my blog. If you like to receive my newsletter -just about once a month-, leave your name and email.

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