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Jungbub-3446. Operating a Beauty Salon

Q. I’m doing beauty work now. When I started working in this field, I wanted to become an operator, but after I have been doing it for years, now I think that I am not gifted at doing beauty work. So I’m not sure if I should study now to become an operator, or if I should work hard so I can get a chance. I am 45 years old now and I want to make my role as an operator when I am 50 years old and I want to prepare it from now on. Nowadays, I’ve got a headache just thinking about it, so I would like to know what kind of study I should choose.

A. Our hairdressers, we need to know about role of the hairdressers. Even if we didn’t clarify this until now, we should breakdown this. That way, we can be mentors that go internationally and teach them hair & beauty techniques.

There are principles that hairdressers should study.

There’s a principle in beauty. If you don’t study it, you’ll teach only techniques later. To teach those principles to the international community as well, we’re doing our best to get prepared now. How many hairdressers are there in this country, now. Well, they are also a part of the project that develops the 70% underdeveloped countries. When you will go overseas to teach, hairdressers would go out overseas, too. So, you should study now.

It is a tremendous blessing that you are allowed to touch people’s head.

Who likes to have their head touched in this country? Who likes it? We hate having our heads touched the most. But we like it when someone I like does so. In that case, we bring our heads to them. You don’t let others touch your head. But you leave your head/hair to a hairdresser. You can’t be a hairdresser if you aren’t strong enough. Where do you even touch it? You’re allowed to touch Cheonmun (The gate of heavenly energy in our body). It is a tremendous blessing that you are allowed to touch people’s head and be qualified touching it. Because you are allowed to touch BaekHwe (the uppermost acupuncture point where heavenly energy comes and goes).

You come out and meet people. You are being taken out to the world to study people.

I mean, these hairdressers came out to meet people. Things got worse to make you come out to society. So that you come out and meet people. Hairdressers are the disciples of God. The disciples are being taken out to the world to study. If you set up a shop, guests would come and sit in front of you. During the time you cut their hair, you are allowed to have their time. You can talk, you can hear their life story. If you want to know everything about the neighborhood, you can go to the local beauty salon. That is where all stories in the town and all the information comes in.

Hairdressers are disciples who can care for people.

So, if you happen to come to this neighborhood as a hairdresser in a salon, if you close your mouth for three years, you will know everything about this neighborhood. With what you found out when people come in and complain about something in front of you, if you give them one word, they will be surprised. Then you can give strength to those who lack something while you study. Most people who come to get a haircut like this, especially when women come to get their haircut, it is when they are shocked somehow. Hairdressers are disciples who can care for people including all of these things. So, if you do a little study profoundly, you can open spiritual things, do things, and do everything you can.

You became a hairdresser to study, not to make money for living.

So, you are pulled towards the hair salon to study, not to make money for living. But when you do not study and you only focus on making a lot of money there and you earn money well, for sure, your husband would be a fool. If you are a hairdresser and earn money well, your husband will be useless. They are the person who has to spend the money that you have made. If you make a lot of money, you will not do your study. You will be doing something else. So, if you make some amount of money, there will be someone coming to spend it. They always have to spend your money. People who run their beauty salon, there is no one who is rich even after running the business for a long time. Because there would be always someone who spends what you earn.

People who do their study well don’t make others a scamp.

Our pharmacists. They used to make good money some time ago. It is where makes your husband a scamp. “The pharmacists make good money and it’s okay for living.”, so people who graduated the best National University tended to marry with pharmacists. They never want to do something by themselves. Because their wives, the pharmacist makes good money. It is the way it makes themselves a scamp. So, you make a man useless who came out of the best University, and you have a bad life in the future. These things all come together in sets. When you are given a job like this, you’re given to study. People who do their study well don’t make others a scamp. Once you’ve done your study, as you would need that money for doing something, in that case – that money will be saved. But when you do not study, you lose everything in the middle of making money. It will be gone somehow; your kids will make some trouble so you have to spend money. And your husband says he’s doing something so money will be spent and it keeps being wasted like this by confusing his wife. So eventually money won’t be left.

Everything happens for you to study society in the world.

If you know exactly what you are studying, your money will not be spent. What happens then? Your child is not doing anything wrong, your husband doesn’t get confused. You will let your family live their way. You have to study. Studying society. This is a social university. However, you did not know that. So, everything happens for you to study society in the world. If you have been studying then nothing is happening badly. The Grand Nature protects you.

When you enjoy studying, everything you’ve heard while working as a hairdresser comes to mind.

You’ve met Jungbub now, right? Have fun with the lectures and do what you do. When you enjoy listening to the lectures and studying, everything you’ve seen and heard while working as a hairdresser comes to mind. You think you’ve forgotten them but they just pop out, when it needs. Even anything you’ve glimpsed or overheard. You think they’ve gone away but they come to you at the right time. It’s like a string of beads, they come out and complete your study perfectly. Everyone in our nation is the same. When you listen to Jungbub, anything that you’re reminded of comes out. They come out and you get to think of it again. They are organized with Jungbub like a string of beads.

In life, there has always been a way of how to live.

In that way, with this integration, the weight gets lifted off of your shoulders. Your energy doesn’t circulate when something is burdening you. So, it leads to developing a disease or when something is burdening you, you get into an accident, or you become weak. Those kinds of bad things happen when bad energy is stuck inside of you. And you never met someone who can teach you how to pierce through that. So that’s what Jungbub is. This study of Jungbub is studying daily life. In life, there has always been a way of how to live. However, we had no idea how to organize and how to deal with our study, so we’ve gone through hardships.

We are ready to live for a society that changes our lives in the future.

Hongikingan are those who are studying in daily life, not going to sit in the mountains to study and get enlightened. So, it is our Hongikingan who are growing leaders by studying our daily lives now so that we can lead the international society. So, that is what teaches us that there were such contradictions. Now, if you listen to this Jungbub lecture for three years, you will take care of yourself from then on. Leading this society in the future will make it clear from now on. Now we have to live within a changing society. We should not keep thinking about the past. We are ready to live for a society that changes our lives in the future. You will be living in a wonderful society, so you will not have to worry too much because you will go there as we prepare for it. Do not design or plan too much. Not now. It is not the time to design your life. When this society changes, then you will be living there, and if you plan right now, you will be outdated. It is like you give yourself headache. Don’t stick with the past now that you met Jungbub lectures. You just listen to the lectures and just learn what you did not know. Do you understand? (Yes)


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