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Jungbub-5605. Study of Hongikingan Born in Foreign Lands

Q. You said Hongikingan were the people of the root nation. Then I would like to ask you about our second generations who were born in the USA. And if they are also Hongikingan, what should they learn and which role should they play?

A. When we say ‘we are Hongikingan’, it doesn’t mean that only Koreans are Hongikingan. Think the whole world as an old tree. There are three parts which are the root, the trunk, and the branches and each part has its own role which it should do.

The whole world is like an old tree. Each part has its own role.

If now is the time of Hongik, the entire world is in it. It doesn’t mean that certain people belong to it. It means that the time of Hongik (Hongiksidae), the world of Hongikingan as the new era, begins. Why hasn’t it come up until now? Because human beings still haven’t qualified, they couldn’t open Hongiksidae yet.

The difference between Hongiksidae (Hongik Era) and non-Hongiksidae (non-Hongik Era) is like the difference between the private life and the public life.

What is the difference between Hongiksidae and non-Hongiksidae? That is the same as the difference between the private life and the public life. When we were immature, we had to live privately. Even though you said that you lived publicly, you have lived privately. Why? In Suncheonsidae (pre-Hongik Era), we should have prepared ourselves because we were unqualified. Our society and nation were insufficient and people should have done their best to be qualified. Therefore, you have lived for yourself.

But in Hucheonsidae (Hongik Era), you should live a public life regardless you are qualified or not. Because Hucheonsidae is not the time in which people prepare themselves basically, people should change their lives and live a public life in order to make their lives brilliant.

In Suncheonsidae, people thought that they could benefit others by giving them the materials.

We call this Hongik world in Hucheonsidae. The public life means a life which broadly benefits others. When we live to benefit others with our maturity, only then will they call it Hongik Life. In Suncheonsidae, people thought that they could benefit others by giving them the materials because they were not mature due to their insufficient knowledge. They should have learned (knowledge), earned (wealth), and kept everything in Suncheonsidae. Because all people lived in such a situation, most people had such a frame of reference.

Now, we benefit others by helping people live their lives as authentic human beings.

When we are mature enough, we should re-think the meaning of the word ‘benefiting others’. We should change our way of thinking. We should benefit others not by giving them materials but by teaching or coaching them what they don’t know. Therefore, in order to do that, the intellectuals also should change their way of thinking. To give people materials is just to give them materials because they need it. We should help make people live their lives as authentic human beings. It will be an intelligent society which we will create. Therefore, we should teach people that they can’t live well even with lots of wealth if they don’t have knowledge.

We can share the materials but there is no way to help ignorant people to live well. What happens when lots of wealth is given to them? The world will be fallen into chaos. If the ignorant people become rich, their money will make other people swindlers. They will lose their money even by a little trick of swindlers. But because the intelligent people have discernment, even when they face any tricky words or behaviors, they are not swindled. Money should be given to people who never be swindled.

The intellectuals should teach the people, who have supported and raised the intellectuals.

From now on, the intellectuals should inversely find out the teaching method for the people who have supported the intellectuals. That is a way for the people. When the intellectuals teach them according to their maturities, they follow the intellectuals well. With that power, we should rebuild the world newly. That means ‘benefiting others.’

In this era, people are treated and respected depending on what kind of work they do.

So, the reason why I always focused ‘Koreans are Hongikingan’ is because I was going to emphasize that Koreans as Hongikingan should live rightly. What I meant was that I have shaken up Koreans as Hongikingan and let them know they should not be living only for themselves but benefit others. I never meant Korea was the supreme and other countries were inferior. Because the whole humanity supported and protected Korea, we Koreans should repay them for it.

Therefore, you shouldn’t have misunderstood and discriminated between Korean and American (or people in other nations). Because I now teach Koreans, I emphasize the role of Koreans. I have taught that if Koreans haven’t lived rightly and benefited the world, then they couldn’t be respected from the world. The same principle can be applied to all other nations in the world. If Americans would study and play such a role, then the USA would become the best. If Africa would benefit all other countries in the world, then Africa would be the best and would be respected from the world. In this era, people are treated depending on what kind of work they do.

When you work for society and benefit people, you will be treated the most.

The reason why you are in difficulties is that you haven’t done anything which society needed although you are so smart. However, even if you are not smart, when you do something beneficial and suitable to society, you will be respected by people and your life will become incredibly better. We should make clear who intellectuals are and why we can be considered as outstanding human beings. So, never pretend to be so clever. The smartest is the most stupid. Even though you look like a fool or weak, when you work for society and benefit people, you will be treated the most. Understand?

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