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Jungbub-5834. Who is Master Jinjung and what is Jungbub

Q. Some people ask who Master Jinjung is. Is he a religious leader, and intellectual, or a prophet? I would like to know what kind of person you think you are and where you belong. And you are teaching about Jungbub. Most people don’t know about Jungbub. It will be very helpful if you briefly define what Jungbub is. What is Jungbub?

A. It has been an intelligent society until now. If you know what knowledge is, then you can easily understand Jungbub. Knowledge develops from logic. Logic is a private thought. A private logic emerged, examined, and developed into a knowledge of the times. But when knowledge has developed further, then it turns into and stops as common sense. So now we live in the time of common sense. When knowledge becomes a common sense then it stops and it doesn’t develop anymore.

Evolution of Knowledge: Logic – Knowledge – Common Sense

This phenomenon happens at 70% on the way to 100%. When it is at 30%, it is basic logic and not knowledge yet. This is the theory of human evolution. The evolution of mankind is the same as the evolution of knowledge.

Human beings live and die but their knowledge has always developed. Therefore, logic has emerged up to 30% and it has developed and settled as a knowledge through up to 70%. The advanced countries in the world today are those which have lots of knowledge. So, the knowledge which is at 60% starts turning into common sense and when it reaches 70%, it can’t develop anymore and stops.

Living in a Prison of Common Senses

Therefore, we hear it often being said ‘breaking all common sense.’ If you don’t break common sense, you can’t go further and it will destroy you. Why? People have their own common senses and so they conflict with each other. At that time, everyone is separated from each other because each person has fully grown up and does not agree with each other.

So today, Korea becomes the first nation which becomes individualism. Korea has been the most family-oriented, collective, and cordial country. However, it is changing to a time in which a single family is popular. The time of a single family doesn’t mean that people eat alone. Individualism emerges because of disagreements among people and so they can’t eat together. It means that they can’t make others understand what they say even though they are fully grown up. They think that they are interfered by others or that others keep insisting on their thoughts. Everybody is in a prison of their own common senses.

What is Jungbub? Jungbub is the Truth and the Natural Law

I came out with the Truth. What is the Truth? It is the law of nature. That is Mother Nature. There is a law in human beings’ lives and there is also a rule in the operation of Heaven and Earth. I discovered it alone while fighting with myself in the mountain.

We as human beings can’t live under Heaven and Earth without knowledge about Heaven and Earth. There must be a reason now why Korea rises and there is a principle which Heaven and Earth make Korea as it is. We should know what the next step is in order to carry out our next mission. Thus, we are stopping now (because we don’t understand the natural law and our next step). Jungbub means the natural law.

Jungbub Breaks All Common Sense

When you listen to my lectures for a month, originally for a hundred days, your common sense breaks. If your common sense is not broken then it is not Jungbub. If Jungbub is the natural law and the Truth, it will destroy your common sense. Furthermore, after melting the hard surface of common sense, the new law (new paradigm) will blossom. That is Jungbub.

About Me

I am not involved in Jungbubsidae (Jungbub Organization) which is made by the people who gathered and managed my lectures. Jungbubsidae is the name of their firm. And I don’t have any organizations. While they run Jungbubsidae, they wanted me to teach people and so that’s what I have been doing. I neither make an organization nor have any religious beliefs. I have nothing. Even before I went into the mountain, I have never visited a temple or a church. I didn’t do anything. I was never involved in any Taoism.


I am a Hongikingan. I have grown up as Hongikingan and I haven’t been involved with any organizations, religions, and faiths. We all have grown up the same. Why? Because we all are Hongikingan.

For five thousand years, our people have been cultivated by our ancestors’ resentments in order to appear as Hongikingan. When they were born, everything was destroyed (by the war) and they grew up with the world’s energy which has blown into our country. Nobody anticipated Korea would have developed this much. It was a Great Nature’s big project. But these people have stopped so Great Nature is now so embarrassed.

The Greatest Love Project: Eliminating the World Hunger

If we stay still for 15 years, 20 years, we are not the only ones experiencing difficulties. Look at the people dying from hunger. When we don’t do our duties, then mankind experiences chaos. When we do our work properly, we can eliminate human starvation right away. Even with enough power, we are not able to do it. If Korea eliminates the world hunger in seven years, how does the world look at us? It has been ready to go. It just hasn’t carried out the plan.

We have that much power. That Greatest Love Project. We should plan such a project for the people of humanity. That is our responsibility and a true job which Koreans should do. Selling cars and developing our technique is not our job but for saving our power which we will use in the future. Manage human societies. There are lots of jobs. The word ‘the unemployed’ doesn’t match to Koreans as Hongikingan. there are no jobless people in Korea. It is a place to study. All our people are students. They don’t know what to do and where to go although they are fully prepared and so they remain still now. Even though you were working for the government, you were studying there. Because Korea has been the school for the humanity.

Therefore, the products of civilization were carried into Korea and we studied about them. Those are Hongikingan.

Hongikingan dedicate their whole lives to broadly benefiting others

You asked my name and so I answer my name. I am the Hongikingan. We all are Hongikingan but there is nobody who can proudly identify themselves as Hongikingan. Hongikingan never live for themselves. They dedicate their whole lives to broadly benefiting others. These are Hongikingan.


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