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Planner for June and Reflection on May 2019

Planner for June and Reflection on May 2019

  Reflection for May 2019 ———– May was a struggling month. But, it was not struggling for just struggling. It was like a setback before jumping forward. I started running, then got injured. Stopped running for a whole week to recover from the injury. My phone’s screen died. Then, I found out

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My first day of working in Lihue

  My first day of working in Lihue ———– Today, I’m working at the shared workspace in Lihue. It takes about 45 minutes to drive here. Yet, it’s not bad. I enjoyed driving. After dropping off my wife, I continued to drive to Lihue. Everything in this space is new, so it

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Setback in my running training (in the second week)

  The second week was harder than the first week ———– I was very excited about my progress during the first week. Yet, soon I experienced a setback. I even couldn’t run 3 miles. Just 2.5 miles on Tuesday, 2.75 miles on Thursday, and 2 miles on Sunday. I struggled a lot

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The First Week of My Running Training

  The first week of my running training ———– Last Sunday, I started my running training and ran one mile at Kekaha ballpark. Honestly, I’ve never run that long distance (if I can call it a long distance) since I moved to Kauaii three years ago. I even thought I would never

Goal Planner May 2019

Goal Planner May 2019

  Setting up a template of my Monthly Goal Planner ———– I love journaling. It helps me to watch life more clearly. And the clarity guides me to the next step. By journaling, my life could become my teacher. Last month, I tried a new format of a planner. It’s a simplified

Shawn's Affirmation 2019

Shawn’s Affirmation 2019

———– During my conversation, I talk clearly, gently and eloquently as managing my emotions. I only speak when I can add more value to the situation as George Washington exampled at his Congress. I speak, consult and lecture like an American-born executive coach. I naturally converse with local people and understand what

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Becoming a runner

  From the sedentary to a runner ———– After our morning routine, Mary and I walked to our community ballpark this morning. It’s located in 10 minutes walking distance. Then, we started running! I remember that when I bought my smartwatch a few months ago, I put it on my wrist 24

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Advice to overcome the fear of success

  Meeting with ———– Yesterday’s meeting went very well. I visited two places: and Personally, I like people working at even though has a better environment. When I think about the working environment, my home has the best environment. It has a front ocean view, a rear

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More opportunities to meet people in our community

  Shared Workspace in Lihue Kauai ———– After finishing my morning routine, I headed to Lihue. My wife’s office starts at 7 am and ends at 3 pm. So, we drove together and she got off at Kōloa Rum office at 6:57 am. Lately, I’m considering to expand my business to Lihue

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On my fourth day, my cells started to resist and rebel

  21-minute Deep Sleep during my nap ———– Yesterday, I had experienced a major resistance in my body. After lunch, I couldn’t do anything. I just threw my body on my bed and passed out for a couple of hours. I woke up with a tired feeling. My smartwatch gave me a

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The biggest cause which limits our success / A lottery winner

  Develop myself first, then work on achievement ———– I want to ponder more on what Jim Rohn said. (It’s the beauty of journaling. I can clarify my thought as writing the flows of my thoughts from different perspectives.) Jim Rohn said, “Our levels of success will rarely exceed our level of

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If you want to achieve something, be the person who deserves it

  My second day since adopting the new morning routine. ———– It’s my second day since adopting my new early morning routine. Very tired and sore. Not because I woke up early, but because I overworked yesterday. When I didn’t set my wake-up time, I didn’t realize how much tired I was

9 PM affirmation - Changing my sleeping pattern

9 PM Affirmation – Changing My Sleeping Pattern

  Changing My Sleeping Pattern ———– During the last weekend, I’ve changed my sleeping pattern to wake up early. Before I tried a new sleep pattern, I concerned a little bit about suffering from the lack of energy during the day. Yet, in actuality, as I woke up early, I had the

A New Way to Start My Morning

A New Way to Start My Morning

  What’s new since Dong-ahn-guh ended? ———– Two months have passed since Dong-ahn-guh ended. Many things started to happen. People found our business -Kauai eBiz- on Google and contacted me. I got more jobs and am getting busier. That means that I meet more people and learn more about this community and

George Washington's the rules of civility

George Washington’s “The Rules of Civility”

  George Washington’s “The Rules of Civility” ———– As I was moved by the documentary, I started reading a book about George Washington’s spirituality. The book introduced “The Rules of Civility” and I love the rules. Here I write down some of them to practice myself. Actually, they are very similar to

George Washington as a role model

George Washington As a Role Model

Documentary “The First American” ———– This morning, my wife and I were very touched after watching the documentary, “The First American (2015)” on Amazon Prime.It’s about George Washinton. I didn’t know much about him. After watching the documentary, I could feel “Providence” in him. Man of Character – The Rules of Civility

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Dong-ahn-guh Day 88 & 89 – Dong-ahn-guh ends

  My Jungbub Journal – Eighty Eighth & Ninth Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)   Dong-ahn-guh ends ———– Dong-ahn-guh ended. In Hawaiian time, tomorrow is the official day but it’s already a full moon. As the lunar calendar is set in eastern Asia, it’s one day behind in Hawaii. So, it’s a

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Dong-ahn-guh Day 86 & 87 – Dream about the founder

  My Jungbub Journal – Eighty Sixth & Seventh Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)   Dream about the founder ———– I had a dream about the organization. The founder appeared in my dream. He was full of anger. Couldn’t control his anger anymore. What’s weird was that he didn’t have a left

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Dong-ahn-guh Day 85 – World Hongik Foundation ?

  My Jungbub Journal – Eighty Fifth Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)   I got an email from World Hongik Foundation ———– I got an email from World Hongik Foundation. Since I had worked at World Hongik Organization, WHO, for 20 years, I become cynical when I hear that kind of words.

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