January is the month for planning the entire year


I spent a whole month to plan the new year


I thought I could finish planning for 2020 in a few days. Actually, I did. The problem was that I had to revise it in a few days. Actually, I had to revise the plan again and again.

After revising a few times, I thought, ‘It would take a month to plan a year. Let me regard January as a planning month’.

I gave enough time for me to research and elaborate on the plan. I visualized myself living in different timelines such as March 2020, August 2020, December 2020. Reflecting the last year helped me to plan for the new year.

Now, as of the last day of January, I finalized my 2020 year plan.


Slow but efficient planning


Is it worth to spend a month? My answer is “Yes, it is”.

After reviewing 2019, I chose one of the best scenarios of 2020. To imagine the possible scenarios, I had to research various areas/trends/businesses. Sometimes, even if I had 100% confidence about something, I changed my mind after my researches.

Peter Drucker said, “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all”.

Once I make a plan, I will do my best to do it efficiently. What if it was something that should not be done at all? So, I gave myself enough time to research and revise the plan with a bird’s eye view.

Also, as I was reviewing the plan over and over, I put the plan in my brain and memorized it. It gives me confidence as if I already accomplished it at the end of the year.

Now, I believe that December is the month for reflecting the year, and January is the month for planning for the new year. 2 months out of 12 months should be saved for the purpose.


Planning and Visualization


When I review my plan, I visualize myself living in the future. Sometimes, it becomes a scary experience. Some goals are quite challenging. Whenever I face those challenges, doubts drain energy from my heart, or nervousness makes my legs weak.

When it happens, I look back to what I achieved last year. Those achievements were challenges back then, yet after achieving them, they became a strong foundation for my next growth.

I remind myself how I overcame the obstacles and send energy to my future self. This encouragement strengthens my confidence. I repeated it until it feels natural.


Template for Planning 2020


If you want to use my planner templates, you can download them from my Google Drive.


– Shawn’s Google Drive –



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