Reflecting February and starting March – Magical Power of Action


Reflecting February 2020


Magical Power of Action

While I was sitting and thinking, I could only see walls and challenges. My thoughts tend to find excuses. Yet, when I was moving and taking actions, I started seeing doors hidden between walls and the doors lead me to the next step which guided me to the next door.

Actions change the energy of the situations and circumstances. Action has magical power. Once I take action, the fixed and immovable situations start changing and becoming flexible. When my actions create a certain level of an energy field, my previous challenge becomes a stepping stone to grow to the next step.

The harder situations or problems I face, the more massive actions I will take. I’m training myself to become an invincible magician who masters the action power.

The power of education

I’m investing time and money to educate myself. Especially, I’m focusing on learning web development languages.

An interesting thing is that when I learn something, the chance for me to use the new knowledge shows up. In January, I coded a JavaScript snippet to fix my client’s website. If he had to change all the errors manually, it would take a few months. Yet, by inserting the snippet code, it was fixed right away. I was so proud of myself at the time.

In February, I received more requests that require technical knowledge. Now I don’t think it’s coincident. The more I develop myself, the more society needs me.

A few more things that happened in February 2020

As the coronavirus situation got worse in Korea, we canceled the trip to Korea. We have prepared the trip for a few years, but it’s not the time yet. It took time and enormous energy to cope with our disappointment after changing our flight and schedule.

I researched how to prevent coronavirus and wrote a blog post: Immune-Boosting Foods to Fight Coronavirus/

I completed running my weekly mileage, 15 miles per week. I changed my practice strategy. I used to run 3 times a week. 4 – 6 miles at a time. My body felt burdened about the mid-distance running. This month, I tried to run 2 miles every day, and 6 miles on Sunday, rest on Monday. With the new schedule, my body felt much lighter.


My focus on March 2020


Mary’s birthday
Studying program language: EJs, API, Database
Weekly Mileage: 16 miles
Reading books


Template for Planning 2020


If you want to use my planner templates, you can download them from my Google Drive.


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