6 Magical Questions for Mid-Year Reflection

6 magical questions for mid year reflection

Time to reflect and celebrate

July is an exciting month.  It’s time to celebrate.
We acknowledge and celebrate what we’ve accomplished during the first half of the year.

Also, it’s a perfect time for reflection because, without it, we can’t find the true meaning of the celebration. In this article, I introduced an example of guided meditation and 6 magical questions for mid-year reflection.

Manifesting is like gardening

Manifesting is much like gardening or farming. The first half of the year is about sowing seeds, growing sprouts, and blooming flowers, then the second half will be about harvesting fruits, sharing gains, expressing gratitude, and storing the best seeds for the next year.

In spring, the seeds sprout as they receive energy from the earth, and the plants are taken care of by gardeners or farmers. After the mid-summer passes, heaven adds the final touch to bear fruits. The special sunlight in the autumn sky conjures magical tastes and shapes secret nutrients in the fruits and grains.

You may think, “Are you talking about harvest now? It’s still summer!”

Let me tell you. The length of daylight already started getting shorter as we passed the summer solstice. When it becomes August, you will feel the cool breeze in the early morning. Under the ground where you are standing, the earth is preparing the fall. And, inside of the plants and trees, nature starts preparing the harvest. So do the farmers. Nature doesn’t allow procrastination at this time.

Most Important Time to Manifest

In Jungbub, we call the 3rd month of the lunar calendar as the month of earth, the 5th month as the month of human, and the 7th month, the month of heaven. Currently, the month of human is passing and the month of heaven will arrive soon.

Meaning of Months (Jungbub Principles)

Lunar CalendarMeaning
The 3rd MonthMonth of Earth
The 5th MonthMonth of Human
The 7th MonthMonth of Heaven
Manifesting is like gardening

In order to manifest, we need to finish our part on earth first. After it’s done, we trust heaven to take care of the rest. So, it’s the best time to reinforce our manifestation.

In the following guided meditation, I introduce 6 magical questions for mid-year reflection. They will help you prepare the best second half-year to create an abundant and meaningful harvest.

6 Magical Questions for Mid-Year Reflection
(and for preparing your best second half-year)


Before we begin the meditation, please have time to review your past six months. Reviewing the past is very important because it will bring up valuable memories and awakenings consciously or unconsciously. 

Review your journal or calendar quickly whether in written forms or digital formats. Or just open your photo app on your mobile phone and scroll the photos. The journal or photos will provide you with the anchor points as references for your reflection.

After reviewing the last six months, please go ahead with your meditation.

Meditation Garden

[Guided Meditation for Mid Year Reflection]

*If you want to listen to this guided meditation on my YouTube channel, please click here.
*In this meditation, please use your imagination and visualization. We will continue to use the metaphor of gardening or farming.

In the middle of the year, you are invited to your Garden of Manifestation which exists in your consciousness.

At the entrance, you can see the sign saying “Garden of Manifestation for [Your Name]” Whether you knew it or not, you sowed the seeds of your intention at the beginning of the year. And, your efforts and energy have grown them for the last six months.

Please have time to walk around your garden and check the plants and flowers. If you close your eyes for a moment, it will help you imagine and visualize your manifestation garden.

The following questions will help your reflection. At each question, you can close eyes and visualize to search for the answer. When you finish, open your eyes and move on to the next question.

1. Question about the current state 

What seeds did you sow at the beginning of the year? Is it about health, relationships, personal growth, spirituality, career, business, finances, or contribution?

How are they growing? What flowers are blooming and what flowers fell? How has been the climate? Did you have any inclemency of weather? What’s your impression of your garden? Please look around carefully and describe the condition of the garden.

2. Question about your accomplishment 

What flowers are the most beautiful and glowing now? And what do they mean to you? Please describe them.

Manifestation Garden Meditation

3. Question about unexpected changes

Not all flowers might bloom. Some of them fell without blooming. Or you may find new flowers that you didn’t expect at the beginning. Please describe any unexpected changes and anything that you could have done differently to create a desirable result.

4. Question about your anticipation

After the flowers fully bloom, they will bear fruits soon. What fruits and harvests are you expecting? What accomplishment do you anticipate and what kind of person do you want to become at the end of the year? Please describe the harvests which you will create.

5. Question about challenges

What will be the biggest challenges or obstacles to harvesting your fruits as planned for the next six months? How will you overcome them? Please describe it in detail.

6. Getting advice and wisdom

meeting with my future self

Imagine that 6 months passed and it’s December 31st, 2020. You’ve overcome all the obstacles and yielded the best-ever harvest this year. Your future-self looks like he/she has grown a lot during the second half-year. Now invite your future-self in front of you. Look at him/her. Can you feel how much he/she has grown?

Now, please ask your future-self any advice or encouragement on how to fully live as you intend for the next six months. Please have enough time to converse with your future-self in the garden.

When you’re ready, please express your gratitude and leave the garden.

Celebrate Your Achievement


Please write down your awakening gained through meditation. And, you can revise your plan for the second half-year if you need to.

Now, finish your part and trust that heaven will take care of the rest.

Also, don’t forget to celebrate your achievement during the first half-year with the person(s) you love. The genuine celebration will give you strong motivation.

I wish you the best to yield the most abundant and significant harvest for 2020.

Aloha, My name is Shawn S Lee. I’m a life coach, a meditation teacher, and a Jungbub student. Please feel free to read my blog. If you like to receive my newsletter -just about once a month-, leave your name and email.

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