I postponed my full marathon attempt


Right after my half marathon on September 1st, I made a plan to run a full marathon in December.

Before the planning, I vaguely thought that if I could run a half marathon, three months would be enough to try a full marathon. Yet, as I made a plan, I realized it became a tough plan.

My plan was basically all about increasing weekly mileage. Based on my knowledge, if I can run 30 miles a week, I can finish a full marathon without stopping.

The target date was December 8th. The week before the marathon, I needed to get a full rest without running. So, I should be able to run 30 miles in the last week of November.

My plan looks insane. I was very determined and also reasonable at the same time. I thought I would give everything to my plan, yet I would evaluate my progress and adjust the plan if needed.

I ran 23, 25, or 20 miles a week for a while. Pushed myself to the limit. After two months, my body couldn’t handle the new training anymore. My body was not ready yet. It didn’t have enough time to build a strong foundation. My body wanted more time.

Finally, I decided to run a full marathon next year.


Building a strong foundation


I believe that time is the most important resource. In life, important accomplishments require our time. Once used, it becomes irreversible.

I went back to 12 miles per week. If I can run the mileage with my 70% energy, I increase 1 or 2 miles next week. This week, I ran 14.6 miles.

** My mileage graph (4/28 – 12/29/2019) **