My Reflections on the Year of 2019


New Templates for my plans and reflections


In April 2019, I developed a new template to plan and reflect my days. The new planner doesn’t require much space and easy to fill out.

Whenever I use journals, the hardest part was to find the space to store them. It was a big burden. While I was working at the Organization, I had to move a lot. I didn’t move with my will but by the orders of the organization. Every time I moved, I had to throw away some of them because I didn’t have enough space in my luggage or our living space.

Eventually, when I left the Organization, I decided to start over my life. So, I threw away most of them.

Now I developed a new format for journaling. (1) blog – writing in the cloud/cyberspace, (2) a simple calendar format in letter size – it’s easy to store in the binder.

Some calendars sold in stationery stores have enough space to write events or plans, but the problem is that they are too big, so it’s hard to store them. This letter-sized template fits my blinder and I need only 7 sheet protectors to store the whole year. Each sheet holds 2 monthly planners, and the seventh sheet holds my yearly reflection and yearly planner.


The Importance of Ten Years


For ten years, I will need only one binder and 70 sheet protectors. I can read only 10-yearly reflection papers to review my ten-year journey.

Many CEOs and teachers say, “People overestimate what they can achieve in one year. So, by setting unreachable goals for the year, they become easily disappointed, frustrated and eventually give up. Also, people underestimate what they can achieve in a decade. So, by setting too easy goals or even not setting any goals, they don’t use their potential strengths and abilities.”

This planner will record each and every day of my journey for the next ten years.


December Rflection


Reflection on December 2019

RoboVacuum – named “Mill” (an abbreviation of “Millionnaire”)
Alexa (voice assistant)
Boys and Girls Club Charity Dinner at Keoki
Booth at the annual meeting of the Chamber of Commerce
Vacation – One Day Shopping Trip to Oahu (the only trip that we got out of Kauai this year)


Reflections on the Year of 2019


Reflection on the year of 2019

Meaning of My 2019:
The business is building a firm foundation and reaching out to more people as it moves to Lihue & joins the Chamber of Commerce. I’m also building confidence after finishing my first half marathon.


A Template for Reflections on the Year of 2019


▶ Download PDF format
▶ Download Google Sheets (Editable format – you can make a copy on your Google Drive, or you can download it as an Excel file)


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