Monthly Insights – June 2020

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This video is about my reflection of May and preparation for June 2020. If you didn’t have a chance to plan for June yet, this video will give you some insights. 

My Reflection on May 2020

When I start a new project, it requires two of my strengths. 

A Laser-like Focus

The first one is a laser-like focus. When the project starts, I have to pour my focus and energy in order for the project to take off. It’s like an airplane takes off the airstrip. If it stops before taking off, that means I have to start all over. So, it’s always better taking off at the first attempt than trying again after being exhausted. So, a laser-like focus is required at this moment.

When I started my YouTube channel, I didn’t know what kind of obstacles I would face. They were unexpected. And one of them was that I felt exhausted quickly and easily. I underestimated how much energy it requires. Now my body is adjusting to the new project and the new schedule. I feel my energy level is improving. It’s a part of my growth in May.


The second strength is consistency. It’s like showing up again and again until I prove that I will never give up. To be consistent, I need to manage my energy well. It’s a little bit contradictory to the first strength. But, this is an important lesson I learned when I ran a half marathon.

The first strength requires me to use 100 or even 120% of my capacity. But I realized that it can’t be consistent. When I started running, at the beginning I ran to my full capacity. Then, I became exhausted and couldn’t run the next day. My running didn’t improve. 

Then, after reading a few books about running, I changed my training. I just ran at about 70% of my capacity which looks like walking sometimes. Even though I could run faster, I managed my pace. I felt guilty about not doing enough. Yet, I could show up again and again as I planned.

In three months, my running did improve drastically. I experienced that my 70% became much better than 100% three months ago. So, I thought, hmm it’s not the energy I’m using at the moment but my consistency that brings real changes and results. 

That’s what I’m practicing as I post YouTube videos. I’m building my strength of consistency. 

My Insights for June 2020


COVID-19 is diminishing. Let me show you a graph from World-o-meter. This graph shows the daily death number in the US. COVID-19 became the main issue in mid-March. The peak was April and it started declining in May. And now, it’s the third month. 

Based on this graph, we can see that the strength of the virus is already weakened. We might see a couple of more small peaks, but I doubt there will be a dramatic upward swing again.

Of course, we cannot go back to life before COVID-19. Definitely it will bring lots of changes to the way we have lived. We will create a new norm, get used to it, and build new trends on the new foundation.

Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice in 2020 will be June 20th, Saturday in the US. It will be the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. So, June will be the month of the most abundant daylight. The sun rises early and sets late. 

People say the summer solstice is the beginning of the summer, but ironically the daylight gets shorter after the solstice. Nature already starts preparing the harvest. If humans don’t put enough effort at this moment, nature won’t allow a good harvest in the fall. Also, to work hard, we need to play well. To me, June means the month of hard-working and the month of actively-playing.

The Fifth Month of the Lunar Calendar

Another event that we need to pay attention to is that the fifth month of the lunar calendar begins in June. In Jungbub, righteous living, the number five represents a human. The number three represents earth, and the number seven heaven. In the fifth month, the energy for humans becomes the strongest. So this month, we humans create and achieve a lot of things with the support of Grand Nature. 

The fifth month usually falls in May, June, or July of the solar calendar. Throughout history, you can find a lot of events humans created. For instance, the French Revolution broke on May 5th and overthrew the monarch and established the republic of the people. On the 4th of July, America declared independence against British Monarch. Cinco de Mayo celebrates on May 5th. Also, Mother’s Day is May, and Father’s Day is June. 

Around this time of the year, the human energy grows the strongest. Lots of celebration and lots of achievement. Yet, if we misuse this energy, we will experience the consequences too. 

If you need extra energy to accomplish your project, please don’t miss this chance. 

Now, these are my insights to prepare for June. I hope it helps you plan for the new month. 

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Aloha, My name is Shawn S Lee. I’m a life coach, a meditation teacher, and a Jungbub student. Please feel free to read my blog. If you like to receive my newsletter -just about once a month-, leave your name and email.

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