Reflection on August 2019


As the Marathon event approaches, I pushed my training. Last two weeks, I felt extremely tired. Especially, as I practiced an uphill running, I pushed not only to train my legs but also my heart and lungs to their peak performance.

When I lied down on bed one night, I felt my (physical) heart was exhausted and stretched (physically). After that feeling, I stopped pushing my training. Especially I just rested for the last week. I didn’t do any training except basic fitness and a 2 mile run on Friday.

As I planned at the beginning of August, I practiced and studied like a hermit.

The most memorable moment this month

The most memorable moment in August was when we bought real wedding rings. When we married 2 years ago, we’re not financially ready to buy rings. We did our wedding ceremony as exchanging leis as a Hawaiian tradition. The next year, we bought two cheap koa rings in a souvenir store.

Today, we purchased real wedding rings. The moment when we put them on, we could feel a certain energy changed. It brought a deeper sense of connection that we didn’t experience before. A sense of responsibility and a sense of becoming more mature.

Reflection on August Planner for September 2019


A Planner Template for September 2019


September will not be much different from August except Kauai Marathon.
I will consider running a half marathon as the beginning of training Honolulu Full Marathon. Of course, it will be a huge milestone in my life.

I will continue my training and practice this month.

Here are the templates of my Planner for September 2019

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