Reflection on July and a Planner for August 2019

Reflection on July Planner for August 2019


Reflection for July 2019


July was a month of improvement. My running has improved, our business is reaching more people and bigger businesses on Kauai. Also, our business’ official address was changed to Lihue (finally).

Still, I feel this improvement is another preparation for bigger results. It will take more time to get substantial results.

Reflection on July Planner for August 2019


A Planner Template for August 2019


The seventh month of the Lunar calendar begins on August 1st. So, I will focus on aligning and connect with my life’s purpose for the first seven days of August. (My article about The Seventh Day of the Seventh Month)

August will be a quiet month for me. I will focus on my spiritual practice, running practice and vocational study (web development). With a quiet but burning passion, I will work and practice like an apprentice, or a hermit or a spiritual seeker.

Here are the templates of my Planner for August 2019

▶ Download PDF format

▶ Download Google Sheets (Editable format – you can make a copy on your Google Drive, or you can download it as an Excel file)


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