My Third Dream Pattern: The Old Is Expired & The New Is Opening

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The Old Is Expired & The New Is Opening


In 2018, my previous dream patterns finally stopped. And I started to dream new dreams.

For the past two years, I was suffering from my old dreams. Most of all, the biggest challenge was that I had no idea when these struggles would end. Sometimes, it felt scary. Felt like endless battles. In dreams, I couldn’t even talk or act as I wanted. I couldn’t hear my voice. Moved as if moving under the water. Everything went against my will. And worse, I felt scared because it felt never-ending.

However, as the third year started, the heavy energy in my dreams began to be cleared. In one dream, I spoke up my voice loudly and said what I wanted to say. I could move my arms and legs freely. Even could move fast. After that dream, everything started to change.

– Again, the reason why I’m writing this dream journal is to heal my memories and to move on to my next growth. Also by doing so, my journal may help anybody who will make the same choice as I did. May help them get through the transitioning more easily. –

In my new dream pattern, I experience that (1) my voice got bigger, (2) I met new people and visited new places, and (3) I took new training.


(1) My Voice Got Bigger

In my first dream pattern, I described how frustrating and uncomfortable my dreams were. But, one night, my dream was completely changed. I made my own voice in my dream. My voice sounded loud and confident. I couldn’t understand what I said but expressed my opinions. It lifted all the burdens off my chest. I didn’t allow myself controlled by others anymore. I stood up on my feet and raised my own voice. It was a significant dream for me.

It happened at the beginning of 2018 and repeated several times more to confirm that I’m now free in my subconsciousness.


(2) Meeting New People, Visiting New Places

In my previous dreams, I always met the same people over and over. They were two different groups. One group was my former colleagues and the other group was my college class mates. I know that each group carried its specific message for me to apply in my life.

In new dreams, I started to meet new people. Even though I’ve never met them in my real life, I recognized them in dreams. We traveled together, worked together, took the training together. In each dream, I met different people. Also, visited new places.

For example, we were seated on the airplane for about five seconds and arrived in Italy. But, it was not current Italy. We time-traveled 5o years back. We studied architecture and people’s culture in Italy. The whole town including houses and pizza café was made from clay. In the middle of the dream, I got lost on maze-like streets in the old town but could find my group quickly. Obviously, in my dream, I recognized my people, but I don’t know who they are. The only thing I remember is they were Korean men in their fifties. Interesting.

My dreams became quite adventurous.


(3) Got New Training

In February 2018, I decided to start a web design company. That was the best option that I could think of. To prepare myself, I studied about web designing. I studied HTML5, CSS3 and even basic JavaScript. Studied all day long. And guess what? My study continued in my dreams.

In one dream, I visited a marketplace crowded with people. I looked up scrolls of cotton. Web codes were largely inscribed in the scrolls. They looked like Tibetan Scripts. I lifted them one by one and carefully studied. Each scroll carried each line of coding. Did I memorize them in dreams? Of course not. Just recognized that that’s web-coding. However, I didn’t have any difficulties to understand the concepts of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding while studying in the daytime. Dreams might have helped.

In another dream, I joined a military boot camp. All Korean men serve the military mandatorily, so a military-related dream is one of the familiar topics to me. In the dream, thousands of soldiers took the training. My group finished the training. I recognized my comrades in my dream but I don’t know any of them in my real life. We got our supplies such as a rucksack, belt, uniform, arms, and many fancy gadgets.

After the ceremony, we took a new order of appointment. Each of us headed to the destination. I walked toward the bus station. The town looked familiar, and soon I recognized it’s my hometown where I grew up. When I arrived at the bus station, the bus was just leaving. I ran fast holding the duffle bag on my shoulder and caught the bus. Banged the side of the running bus. The kind bus driver stopped and allowed me to hop in. I met my comrades on the bus again. They welcomed me and gave me some advice and the best wishes.


End of Dreams



As you can read, my third dream pattern is adventurous, exciting, and hopeful. Also, it indicates the end of my old dreams.

A few days ago, when I read a book, one word popped out of the paper. The word was “expired.” It showed up repeatedly. It seemed like sending me a message: “Your old contract is now expired.” The word hit the center of my chest loudly.






Now, I’m going to wrap up my dream series. I chose to share my dreams because that’s the best way to describe my internal work, my subconscious, and the inner pains that I’ve been through. I know how hard it will be for the people who make the same choice as I did to go through the reversing process.

If you need a help, please feel free to contact me. I opened a free coaching session. You can contact me through a Facebook messenger, either. Some people contacted me and asked to keep our conversation private. Don’t worry, I’m here to protect you.

Finally, I feel much lighter as finishing one of my tasks. I wanted to record my reversing process before I forget them. Now I can move forward more freely.


Aloha, My name is Shawn S Lee. I’m a life coach, a web designer, and a Jungbub student. Please feel free to read my blog. If you like to receive my newsletter, leave your name and email.

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