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Shared Workspace in Lihue Kauai


After finishing my morning routine, I headed to Lihue. My wife’s office starts at 7 am and ends at 3 pm. So, we drove together and she got off at Kōloa Rum office at 6:57 am.

Lately, I’m considering to expand my business to Lihue which is the biggest town on Kauai. As my business is currently located on the far west side of the island, sometimes it doesn’t show up on Google Maps search result. Moving to Lihue will bring me an opportunity to meet more people.

I’m not excited because I expect to make more income. But because I will meet more people who will grow me and my business.


the Kaumualiʻi website project


Yesterday, the lady who is working at Friends of King Kaumualiʻi (a non-profit organization) contacted me. She wants to meet with me to discuss the Kaumualiʻi website.

She found me through Google last month and reached me to ask if I can work for the website project. I felt honored. I told her that I want to contribute even if I’m not paid.

Last year, a principal of Kawaikini Public Charter School reached me to upgrade their school website. It was a really old, big and slow site. I redeveloped the entire site. I charged as much as they can afford. At the beginning of the project, they told me they had only a limited budget. That’s not a problem. I believed that it would contribute to our community. That’s aligned with the mission statement of Kauai eBiz. They really appreciated my work. I also felt rewarded.

A universe is providing more opportunities to meet more people in this community. I’m so ready for that!


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