On my fourth day, my cells started to resist and rebel

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21-minute Deep Sleep during my nap


Yesterday, I had experienced a major resistance in my body. After lunch, I couldn’t do anything. I just threw my body on my bed and passed out for a couple of hours.

I woke up with a tired feeling. My smartwatch gave me a sleep report. It said that during the nap (or my pass-out period), I had a 21-minute Deep Sleep, 40-minute REM, and 38-minute Light Sleep. Usually, we don’t go down to a Deep Sleep stage while taking a nap. I must have been exhausted.

After a nap, I felt sick. Yesterday was the hardest day. Fortunately, this morning I felt better. Now, I’m recovering from the shifting stage.

Let me describe what I was exactly feeling yesterday.


A feeling of being lost and disconnected


When we experience a major transformation, we have an uncomfortable feeling. It’s like a feeling of being lost and disconnected.

The same thing happens when I design a new website. After finishing a web design project, I migrate the new site to a hosting server and change DNS (to change the site’s address).

Once you start to migrate the site, the old site disappears and just a blank page shows up. In the blank page, a short message appears saying, ‘this site is not found’, or ‘DNS address could not be found’. It lasts for about 24 hours.

When it happens, the site’s owner gets freaked out. So, we usually migrate a website on the weekend and let the owner know what would happen in advance.

When the period of being lost and disconnected ends, DNS propagates stably and the new site shows up. Tada!


It’s exactly what happened to me yesterday


It’s exactly what happened to me yesterday. I started to migrate the new system of my being into my existing (old) life.

All of my cells -especially the nervous cells- got lost and disconnected. They resisted and rebelled yesterday because they’re very uncomfortable. Finally, it’s getting stable this morning.

I had 3 major symptoms during the process:

(1) Thirsty all the time

I was thirsty so much yesterday. My tongue, inside of cheeks and my throat felt like a drying garden desperately waiting rain. Each cup of water felt like life-saving water. So delicious. Yet, in an hour, I felt the same thirst and drank another mug cup of water. I don’t know how many gallons I drank yesterday.

(2) Heavy muscle

I believe the main reason why I feel so much resistance is my exercise. Lately, I didn’t exercise much. Now as I wake up early, I added an exercise package – running, push-ups & sit-ups – in my routine. Even if I don’t do much, they’re impacting my body so much. My muscles are feeling heavy.

(3) Feeling drifted

When I close my eyes or lie down to sleep, I feel like my body is drifted 2 inches above the ground. I guess it’s because my nervous system is transforming (migrating) to a new system. I felt better this morning. It was the worst yesterday (the third day since I started to wake up early and exercise).

Now, my migration of the new system is almost done. It was quite intense because I didn’t expect it.

I’m continuing my new routine on my fourth day.


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