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Meeting with


Yesterday’s meeting went very well.

I visited two places: and Personally, I like people working at even though has a better environment. When I think about the working environment, my home has the best environment. It has a front ocean view, a rear mountain -Kokee- view and the full access to all amenity. Yet, the reason why I move to Lihue is to meet people, not to find a better environment.

I knew that The808 was struggling with SEO and the slow speed of their website. During our meeting, I helped them to fix the issues. They appreciate it so much and offered me to run a class which is called “Lunch and Talk”.


My fear of success


Running a class with the topic of digital marketing! That’s one of my goal in 2019. It will be the stage to present myself to a bigger community. I was so excited.

Yet, while I was driving to the library after the meeting, I started to feel fear inside. Fear of success.

There are many reasons why I should feel fear. The biggest fear is that I may fail eventually after several small successes. And if I fail after succeeding for a while, it will be very hurtful and even unrecoverable.

I know, it’s my test. I should overcome this feeling without ignoring it. There are reasons when I get feelings. I learned how to listen to my feeling and prevent it.

I’m meditating on how to overcome the feeling. My fear of success is the fear of eventual failure.

My wise-self is giving me an advice: “Be humble, Shawn. Be humble at any moment. Even in your thought, if you find any arrogance or distorted pride, pick it out of your thought immediately. Be 100% humble. Genuine humility will prevent the failure and remove the fear.”


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