Becoming a runner

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From the sedentary to a runner


After our morning routine, Mary and I walked to our community ballpark this morning. It’s located in 10 minutes walking distance.

Then, we started running!

I remember that when I bought my smartwatch a few months ago, I put it on my wrist 24 hours a day except while I took a shower which was the battery-charging time. At the time, I found out that I walked only a couple of thousands of steps a day. As working at home, I became so sedentary.

After that, I tried to walk at least 6,000 steps a day. Even I couldn’t achieve 6,000 steps unless I paid attention to my exercise.


Becoming a runner


My new morning routine changed me a lot even if it has been only a week. I got more energy and excitement. Yesterday, I suggested my wife run together on Sunday morning. She was so happy.

I ran one mile while she did an interval running. I really enjoyed becoming a runner.

After taking a shower, I felt like I came back to the Army 27 years ago. We ran 2 miles every morning back then. I felt so good.

It’s the first day of my journey to become a runner.


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