During my conversation, I talk clearly, gently and eloquently as managing my emotions. I only speak when I can add more value to the situation as George Washington exampled at his Congress. I speak, consult and lecture like an American-born executive coach. I naturally converse with local people and understand what they speak a hundred percent.

I write like an expert blogger who makes a six-figure income by writing an inspiring article every day. Dozens of visitors read my daily blog and hundreds of subscribers receive my monthly newsletter.

I practice internet marketing as my profession to understand human psychology & behavior and social trends. I utilize my marketing knowledge and experiences to support hard-working businesses in our community. I grow Kauai eBiz as an influential and successful business in Hawaii by providing value and contributing to our community.

I enjoy becoming a runner. My goal is to run consecutive-84 laps in Kekaha ballpark and participate Kauai Marathon in 2019 or 2020. Yet, I’ll focus on enjoying the journey more than achieving the goal. It will build my strong willpower and unbeatable mind.

My intuitive radar spinning above my crown consistently watches all directions and all dimensions of my life. I’m aware where I am and where I’m heading to in the continuum of time and space of my destiny. I live every day to get closer to my life’s mission.



* Today is __/__/2019_. I reprogram my Operating Belief System as reading this affirmation every day.