Dong-ahn-guh (Winter Meditation Retreat) Day 03

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My Third Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)


Additional Intention


Today I added one more intention for the winter meditation.

“When I face a situation which I’m not satisfied with, I don’t react habitually. Instead, I ask myself three questions: (1) why is this situation happening now? (2) what can I learn from this situation? (3) how can I improve it, or prevent from repeating next time? I don’t need to seek immediate answers because sometimes it comes as a part of a bigger curriculum.”

Our emotions easily follow our physical condition.
When I’m hungry, tired, or when it’s too hot, irritation or anger usually follows.
Especially when our soul is not inspired or don’t feel motivated, our physical body complains and we experience correspondent emotions.
I become completely unsatisfied with the situation.

Now, I decide to break the pattern.
I don’t react to the situation emotionally or habitually.
Instead, I ask the three questions.


How I Meditate on the Questions


My consciousness functions better when I ask good questions.
Ask questions one by one.
Sometimes I can make a time to meditate on the questions.
Yet, sometimes I have to ask those questions as I do something else in the middle of the situation.
Because I would react emotionally if I stop seeking the answers.
So, when I feel emotions forming inside, I search the answers immediately.

Then, I come to understand how I’ve created the situation.
Did I create it? Yes! Every situation that I experience is what I have created.
The more I search, the more confident I feel about it.

Then, I understand why I created it and learn from the situation. Finally, I find how I can improve it.

Sometimes the situation happens as a part of a bigger curriculum.
So, I don’t choose immature conclusions.
Just let them surface on my consciousness freely.

Why do I ask these questions?
Simple. Break old habits and create more meaningful moments.


My wife and I installed Christmas lights today.
We made another wonderful memory together.


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