My Jungbub Journal – Fifty Second and Third Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)


Being sick


I’ve been sick during the weekend. Tried to sleep as much as I could.

Saturday we had a dinner with parents in law at Eating House 1849. That’s my favorite restaurant on Kauai. Mary received a gift card from the work at the end of the year. And we decided to use it for Mary’s mom’s birthday.

Except for the eat-out, I tried not to do anything. Skipped the house cleaning.

While I slept, so many scenes of my memories passed in my mind and they continued in my dreams. The memories were about the moments when I felt embarrassed. Or I didn’t feel embarrassed at the time, but as I reflect them now, they made me so embarrassed.

I don’t know why the universe is showing me those moments. Maybe, it believes that I’m mature enough now, so as showing the moments, it wants to teach me something.

Probably I’m ready to grow beyond my previous stupidity. Only I can grow when I recognize them.

Half of the Dong-ahn-guh passed. It’s a major purging and a big lesson.

-Symptoms: nose running, sneezing, tiredness, muscle pain, especially while sleeping, I wake up because of muscle pain-

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