Planner for June and Reflection on May 2019

Planner for June and Reflection on May 2019


Reflection for May 2019


May was a struggling month. But, it was not struggling for just struggling. It was like a setback before jumping forward.

Reflection on May 2019

I started running, then got injured. Stopped running for a whole week to recover from the injury.
My phone’s screen died. Then, I found out that it’s covered by the manufacturer warranty (Thanks, Google). Now I got a new phone for free.
I ordered a pair of running shoes at Amazon, but they were so tight. So, I had to return them. Luckily, after further research, I could find the best running shoes for me. I’m running with the feather-weight Adidas Ultraboost shoes.
One of my clients suddenly stopped the web design project without notice, so I had to readjust my schedule.

May started with lots of hopes and I tried many new attempts. But, my new attempts returned as receding waves of setbacks and crushed my fragile wishes.

They were processes of making my desire and will more solid and stronger.


Planner Template for June 2019


I made a new running plan based on the experience last month. Also, will focus on increasing my working speed by developing a better working process.

I don’t expect June will be an easier month. But, I will focus on developing my skill to assess the situation and find the solution quickly.

Here are the templates of my Planner for June 2019

▶ Download PDF format

▶ Download Google Sheets (Editable format – you can make a copy on your Google Drive, or you can download it as an Excel file)


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