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My first day of working in Lihue

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My first day of working in Lihue


Today, I’m working at the shared workspace in Lihue. It takes about 45 minutes to drive here. Yet, it’s not bad. I enjoyed driving. After dropping off my wife, I continued to drive to Lihue.

Everything in this space is new, so it took a half hour to adjust myself. I like this place. Actually, it’s exciting to work in Lihue. I appreciate THE808 workplace for providing the space for me to work.

My expenses will increase as I pay the rent which I never paid before. I started the business on my kitchen table and grew it for the last year.

Now it’s time to leap further. Many business owners are looking for us. It’s a small investment which will bring huge opportunities. We are exposed to Lihue. Will meet more people on this island.


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