My Jungbub Journal – Eighty Eighth & Ninth Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)


Dong-ahn-guh ends


Dong-ahn-guh ended. In Hawaiian time, tomorrow is the official day but it’s already a full moon. As the lunar calendar is set in eastern Asia, it’s one day behind in Hawaii. So, it’s a full moon in Korea. The full moon is the same in Hawaii. It’s a full moon here too.

Mary and I watched the full moon and made wishes. It’s cloudy so the moon was illuminating behind the cloud.

After the short prayer, the cloud made a crack and showed the beautiful full moon for 10 seconds. Then, it closed again. The entire sky was covered with the clouds so that sudden appearance seemed like a confirmation that our prayer was heard.

Last week, I got a lot of emotions about the organization. Probably the email from “World Hongik Foundation” triggered my memories again.

Yet, this emotion is different than previous emotions. It’s about my next decision. I overcame my feeling about what I have done. But when I think about what I will do, a lot of resistance and negative emotions come back because I don’t want to make the same stupid mistake.

My next step


1. Jungbub: I’m a student. Specifically speaking, a YouTube Jungbub Student. I’ve listened to more than 2,000 lectures. This year, I will continue to study Jungbub and apply it to my life. When I prove myself that it’s right, then I will see changes in my life. I’m not in a position to teach somebody.
Yet, I just want to share more lectures on my website as I got benefits from the online lectures. I want to share it with more people. That’s what I will focus on this year.

2. Career: I will train myself as an expert. Will study marketing and management. And apply them to my business and to my clients. I will find a new system to support neighbors and community as building my business. Growing my business and supporting community is not separate. I will make a model within three years.

It will be my last Dong-ahn-guh journal this year. Still, I will write journal whenever I feel like to. It helps me to get clarity about what’s going on in my life and to set the next direction. That clarity and discernment give me a lot of power to move forward.