George Washington As a Role Model

George Washington as a role model

Documentary “The First American”


This morning, my wife and I were very touched after watching the documentary, “The First American (2015)” on Amazon Prime.
It’s about George Washinton.

I didn’t know much about him. After watching the documentary, I could feel “Providence” in him.

Man of Character – The Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior


George Washington developed a great character since he was young. He studied and copied the book, “The Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior” at the age of 14. (The Rules of Civility)

Later, his words had undeniable power because he didn’t use unnecessary words.

When the British troops evacuated and the United States achieved Independence, he resigned from a Commander In Chief and disbanded his army. He went back to his hometown, Mount Vernon.

George Washington man of character

Throughout history, when a leader obtained military power, he usually became a tyrant. Yet, George Washington was different. He answered the Call of the People and when he finished his duty, he humbly returned to where he was. He was 52 at that time (1783).

In 5 years, the state electors recognized him as a true leader that the country needed at the time. George Washington was elected as the first President of the United States. The Congressional Secretary came to Mout Vernon to tell him that the country needed him. He answered the second Call.

Struggles and Providence


The 8-year long war was not easy. He faced many challenges and difficulties. When the documentary showed the scene of the Delaware Crossing, I almost wept. His bottomless perseverance and power came from his spirituality. He often mentioned “Providence”. It’s because he felt that he was implementing a divine plan.

He put aside all his personal benefit or gain, and only focused on his mission on earth.

Leadership and Humbleness


While he was a President, he built the foundation of the country. He set up three branches, the supreme court, and the national bank.

The United States tried an experimental system because all other countries were ruled by monarchies or kings. They had to develop an unprecedented system.

George Washington’s humble character allowed all the talented people to gather around him and develop the best system for the country. If he was smart and had his own strong opinion, it would be impossible. He didn’t have a college education but he could manage the smart people who had studied at college.

George Washington Humbleness

Living in integrity


When he became a President, people called him “Your Highness”. He asked them to call him “Mr. President”. Since then, we call President “Mr. President”.

After his second term, he resigned from the Presidency voluntarily. It became a precedent, so no President could take more than 2 terms.

George Washington lived in integrity. After returning to Mount Vernon again, many guests visited his house to show him respect and reverence.

George Washington as a role model


I will study him and learn from his life. George Washington became one of my role models.
His face is printed on $1 bill. I think it’s perfect because he was a humble civilian who lives in American people’s heart.

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