Dong-ahn-guh Day 65 – Reflecting my 20-year career at Body and Brain Yoga / Dahn Yoga

My Jungbub Journal


My Jungbub Journal – Sixty Fifth Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)


Reflecting my 20-year career at Body and Brain Yoga / Dahn Yoga


Today is my birthday. President Trump reopened the government on my birthday. Yay!!

My wife and I went to Starbuck and got a birthday coffee. Visiting Starbuck can be a treat in this rural area.

In the evening, I started the conversation about our experiences at Body and Brain Yoga / Dahn Yoga.

It was a big part of my life. 20 years. Then, it’s been 3 years since I left. I feel like I need to completely wrap up this chapter and fly higher.

We found a YouTube video and were surprised to see our faces. Somebody recorded the public hearing about Mago Statue in Cottonwood, AZ.


Reflection on my experiences at Body and Brain Yoga


This is my observation about my career at Body and Brain Yoga.

    • Body and Brain Yoga was founded and run by the people who couldn’t adjust themselves to society (including myself).
    • We believed that we could change the world based on our belief, instead of living with people in this sick society.
    • Yet, Body and Brain Yoga also became another part of society. More specifically, our belief system was a mixture of that of Buddhism and Unification Church (Moonism, Wiki). Our management system copied that of Salvation Sect (Wiki, Korean: 구원파, Korean religious group which were involved with the accident, sinking of MV Sewol, Wiki, Korean: 세월호 침몰)
    • When I was young and immature, their principle and vision were fascinating. I thought I could dedicate my whole life to that belief. They wanted proof for my belief, so I vowed my dedication in front of a camcorder. I believe all other employees did the same ritual after intense spiritual repentance session.
    • As I grew up, I found out that this organization is also another side of our society. Later, I couldn’t agree when they talked about Goddess Mago 10,000 years ago, and we needed to register 100 Million Mago Castle Membership (which costs $10,000) to save the world.
    • Throughout 20 years, I watched the core employees (masters) and members. When they got attention from the organization, they look like they’re growing. But that’s temporary. After 3 years or 7 years, most of them were pushed away from the attention. Then forgotten and abandoned. Soon they disappeared.
    • When I watched recent videos from the organization, I could see new people are rising up. I hope they can grow and move on before they’re abandoned.
    • My biggest regret was that I stopped growing. Now I understand that they didn’t want us to grow. Growth comes from new and high-quality information. Based on the information, we speak, act, change and accomplish. But, our information was completely controlled. They decided what information would be good for our growth. We’re told what to read and watch. One day, we ‘re told to watch the movie, “2012” (Wiki, Showing how the world would end). So all employees in every unit, department, region gathered to watch it. Then, we discussed how we could save the world before the catastrophes arrive. Also, I was told what to post or not post on my personal Facebook page. A funny thing is that I didn’t realize that it’s a manipulation until I left the organization.
    • One of the typical philosophy of the organization is that wrong belief or system of the society created the wrong habits in individuals. Now I can tell that the organization is also a part of the society and responsible for that too. Why do they think they are different?
    • The biggest conflict that I faced was an issue of “integrity”. I seriously doubted the integrity of the organization.
    • I concluded that I would not be able to change the organization. As disagreeing with their vision and belief, I left the organization. It’s three years ago. Now, I’m ready to start to build my new belief and foundation.
    • I will not talk about the organization for a while. When I plan for the next stage of my life in 4 years, I will re-evaluate my experiences in Body and Brain Yoga / Dahn Yoga.

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