Dong-ahn-guh Day 64 – Famous People born in Aquarius

My Jungbub Journal


My Jungbub Journal – Sixty Fourth Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)


Famous People born in Aquarius


Tomorrow is my official birthday. I want it to be a quiet day. I just want to comtemplate the reason why I was born and the mission that I want to accomplish in this life.

To understand myself, I just briefly researched the famous people who were born in Aquarius. When I understand my personality and potential, I can design my life better.


** Media/Thought Leader **
Oprah Winfrey (1/29)
Ellen DeGeneres (1/26)
Eckhart Tolle (Power of Now)


** Musician/Artist/Writer **
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1/27)
Charles Dickens
Virginia Woolf (1/25)


** Politician/Royalty **
Abraham Lincoln
Ronald Reagan
President Moon of South Korea (1/24)
Dick Cheney
Paul Ryan
Sarah Palin
Anne, Queen of Great Britain
Mary I of England


** Scientist/Inventor **
Galileo Galilei
Thomas Edison
Charles Darwin


** Athletes **
Jackie Robinson (1/31, Film “42”)
Michael Jordan
Babe Ruth


** Actor/Actress/Singer **
James Dean
Paul Newman
John Travolta
Jennifer Aniston
Ed Sheeran (“Thinking Out Loud”)
Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black in the “Twilight” film series)


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