Dong-ahn-guh Day 33 – Our Christmas Eve tradition

My Jungbub Journal


My Jungbub Journal – Thirty Third Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)


Our Christmas Eve tradition


My wife and I stopped by our friends’ houses in neighbors to deliver Christmas cards and small gifts. We put antlers hats on our heads. They smiled and loved our visits. We wished them the best for the new year.

In the afternoon, we had time with our friends (A & D) on Kekaha beach. It was a relaxing time.

In the evening, we watched the movie, “You’ve got mail”. This is our Christmas Eve tradition. We’ve watched this movie 4th time this year. Still makes us feel warm.

Everything changes. In the movie, Joe Fox’s chain bookstore forced Kathleen to close her bookstore. Ironically, in 10 years after the movie is released, those gigantic chain bookstores – borders, Barns & Nobles – which looked invincible at the time were forced to close because of Amazon.

In the movie, Kathleen started to write. It’s a good change for her. I hope Joe also could find the new direction for his business and live a happy life with Kathleen.

In the movie, there is something that doesn’t change. That makes us keep watching the movie every Christmas Eve. And makes our eyes wet at some point every time. We love Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s acting.

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