The first week of my running training


Last Sunday, I started my running training and ran one mile at Kekaha ballpark. Honestly, I’ve never run that long distance (if I can call it a long distance) since I moved to Kauaii three years ago.

I even thought I would never run again in my life. Back then, I thought that I was 44 years old and walking would be a good exercise for me.

Last month as I set up my new morning routine, I brought up the courage to run again.


One mile, two miles, three miles and four miles


One mile was hard. After the one-mile run, I couldn’t walk the next day because my thighs and glutes were sore.

Yet, I continued my training. On Tuesday, I ran 2 miles. After running, My brain became blank for a couple of hours.

Still continued the training. On Thursday, I ran 3 miles. When I started, I told myself, ‘The first two miles will be just basic training. The real training will start after two miles. It’s just basic. Just basic.’

With the hypnosis, I could run 2 miles easily compared to the last run. And, while running the last two laps (a half-mile), my feet felt numb. Yet, I didn’t give up. It was a kind of strange feeling. My feet just moved automatically.

This morning, I ran 4 miles. I started at the end of the town Kekaha and ran until my watch told me it’s 2 miles. And I returned. It was challenging. But I made it. Now I get a sense of how to step when I run. I start enjoying the feeling of running even though I feel extremely tired.


Running increases my mental strength


What I realized is that running consumes lots of my mental energy which I never expected. When I finished my running, my mind became exhausted more than my body did. I couldn’t do any mental work for a few hours. Do we run with our brain, instead of our legs? It’s very interesting.

Anyhow, I feel that I’m increasing my mental strength through my running training.


YouTube Playlist of My Running Music


I made a music list for the running training. The list is not fixed. I keep adding and removing songs. Only keep songs that inspire me.