Spiritual Meaning of Planetary Retrograde

Spiritual Meaning of Planetary Retrograde

April is cruel: 5 planets are retrograde

Have you recently had a hard time with your computer, phone or other communication devices? Have you experienced subtle misunderstanding or ridiculous miscommunication during a conversation? Are you experiencing old issues, memories or confusions coming back to your health, emotions, beliefs, relationships or other areas of your life?

Spiritual Meaning of Planetary Retrograde

If your answer is “yes”, don’t worry cause you are not alone. Currently, as 4 planets in our Solar System are retrograde, our life is going through the strong influences of the celestial event. I’m not an astrologer so let me quote an article of Joseph P. Anthony.

We will be revisiting the past in a big way this month thanks to five planets in retrograde motion, but not all at the same time. As the month begins Venus and Jupiter continue their retrograde motion, on April 5th Saturn goes retrograde followed by Mercury on April 9th, and finally Pluto on April 20th. What does this all mean? Well, the energies of these planets are turned inward and become more subjective. We have to think more deeply about the energies involved: harmony, beauty and love (Venus), precision, stability and ethics (Saturn), communication and reasoning, (Mercury) our philosophy and beliefs (Jupiter), and transformation (Pluto). So, this is a good time to improve ourselves and to make major changes in our lives.

Let’s talk about Spiritual Meaning of Planetary Retrograde.

Planet’s retrograding is a kind of test for our growth, which is run by the universe. During the retrograde period, astrologers ask us to watch out and be careful in certain areas. For some people, retrograding even feels like a bad luck or a hard time. While planets are prograde, even we have small issues, the issues can be covered up. However, while they are retrograde, the cosmos becomes merciless. Even the smallest issues may be checked and be surfaced. It’s like a test to check how much we have grown and how well we can handle the test with our character. If we have any unfinished homework, the universe will clearly show us the status as they are in our daily life.

For example, if we have communication issues, it will be tested during Mercury Retrograde. If I have a tendency not to listen to other carefully, or to ignore details, then the perfect situation will be arranged so that I cannot run away from it and have to face my exact issue. If I didn’t change the old habit even though I knew that I have the issue, then the second test would bring me the stronger consequence such as financial loss or dishonor etc. It sounds cruel, right?

But if we understand the cosmic law and we accept this period as a test, then we can grow ourselves to the next step. Let me continue the same example. During the last Mercury Retrograde, I found out that I had a tendency not to listen carefully. As I deeply meditated on it, I watched my pattern that I didn’t listen to others carefully because I didn’t respect them in a deep level. So I practiced to genuinely “respect” others and then I experienced that my communication with others improved a lot. When the next Mercury Retrograde comes again, my communication improved so much that I don’t make the same mistake and pass the test. Then the next curriculum may show up and teach me the next growth. It is like the elementary school student enters the middle school.

I just took an example of communication issue, but the test applies to all areas of our life: do I soulfully love my wife/husband?; am I 100% sure of my belief & discernment?; did I develop my self-esteem or my personal power strong enough? Etc.


The recent case: United Airline’s video went viral

The video clip of the unsavory incident which happened in the United Airline airplane on 4/9/2017 went viral worldwide now. It could be coincident that it happened on the first day of Mercury Retrograde related to communication & traveling but definitely, it must have been energetically influenced. As I read an article, I found out that it’s not just the first case in UA.

The interviewee in the article says, “Whenever anybody sends me a shocking story about United it’s no longer shocking. It’s just yet another example.” As the company has ignored their issues, even though they have had so many chances to change them, they are now facing the much bigger test. People in China are even calling for a boycott of United Airlines.


The most important tip during the test

I’m not saying all these stories to scare you. The real scary thing is ignorance. When we crossed a busy town with a blindfold on our eyes, it would be scary. But if we can see clearly, we will enjoy the trip and learn a lot from the experience.

Definitely, United Airline could have prevented the incident as they changed their policy and educated employees. The universe never gives us the test that we cannot pass from the beginning. UA must have received all different kinds of signs, clues or messages saying something should be changed. Unfortunately, as they have avoided all the smaller tests, now they have to deal with the huge test.

Then what will be the best way to take the test given to us? Let me tell you the worst way first. It will help you to understand more easily. The most assured way to ruin the test is to blame others and avoid it. When you face a problem, you can find someone related to the issue and blame that person no matter how small the person’s responsibility is. Then you will miss your chance to learn your own lesson and the universe will give you a more intense test next time in a situation that you cannot run away from.

If you don’t want that situation – I hope none of you want that 🙂 -, please do not blame others. If a problem is shown to me, it’s my problem. Even though other people are responsible for 90% of the problem and I am responsible only for 10%, when I accept my fault, then I will not miss my own lesson of the 10%. After learning the lesson, I will not repeat the same drama next time. That’s the attitude of a practitioner. The practitioner will build up wisdom and strength through the inner practices. They are true peaceful warriors and they will be able to guide people in need when they are ready.

Everything shown to me or given to my life during the test is my problem. Once I learn from it, the same problem cannot be the test to me anymore. That’s how the curriculum in this school, the Earth, runs. Are you a peaceful warrior? Then let’s enjoy all the tests in April!


Thank you.


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