The most reliable resource for your hidden power

Do you sometimes feel that you need more confidence to continue heading toward your vision? Or do you feel you need more strength to overcome your challenges?

I found my most reliable resource. And it’s where I discovered my hidden power and strength.
I’m sure it will also work for you. You just need to do some insightful work in order to apply it.

Are you curious what it is?

Alright, let me tell you my secret. This resource, where I found my superpower, was “my own story”. And the insightful work was “rewriting my life story”.


Why don’t you rewrite your life story, and discover the hidden treasures within you?

As the New Year began, I made a list of 10 things I want to achieve this year.
At first, I was excited.
Whenever I read the list, I felt motivated and had so many good ideas.
However, after a month passed, I started to doubt myself.

“Hmm, I must have been too ambitious. I should take a couple of things off the list.”

Luckily, I could resist the temptation of deleting some of my goals.
Instead, I started to look back on what I have done in the previous years.
That’s how I discovered my hidden strength.


Your life experiences are your most important resource.

Writing my life story? Does it really work?

Think about it.
Your life experiences are huge assets that you have built throughout your lifetime. I’ve lived for 45 years and every moment that I remember is precious to me.

Even the most miserable moment when I felt like being lost in the middle of the universe, or the moment when I felt the silliest and most stupid. Those moments matured my soul and helped me understand other’s pain.

And the moment when I felt most rewarded, or the moment when I felt most proud of myself. Those moments showed me what talents I have, what strengths I hold, and what superpowers I possess.
All of them established the foundation which supported me to continue growing. And, they became the most valuable resource to design my future.

Our life is perfectly customized for our soul’s growth.
Life teaches us the exact lessons that we need to learn at the exact right moment. It contains all the treasures that are waiting for our insightful attention.
Why would we abandon a bag full of our best resources in the basement?
Now, it’s time to grab the bag; take out the raw materials; polish the gems; and make them our indestructible edge.

Here, let me suggest 3 tips: how to rewrite your life story and turn it into gems.


3 Tips: how to turn your life story into a gem

History is important. It becomes the foundation for now and for the future.
Of course, the facts that happened in the past don’t change. However, the evaluations, judgments, and emotions attached to the facts can be interpreted differently.
It applies not only to a nation’s history but also to each person’s life.

How we interpret our past can make us feel confident or weak. Depending on how we interpret our lives, we may become responsible or feel victimized as we grow up.
Interpretation is the key.
While I interpreted my story, I used three standards.
You can apply the same standards.
They will guide you to discover hidden gems.

First, I reviewed my life without blaming anybody or any situation.

Blames and resentments are like fishbones in our dish. They bother us from accepting our responsibility and ruin the genuine taste of life. Everything has a reason why it happened. That’s a real lesson for our soul. While holding the fishbones and complaining about them, you’ll miss the deliciousness of Cajun Grilled Fish Steak or whatever you may imagine. Just put away the bones and keep enjoying the taste (which is your precious lesson).

Second, I focused on finding patterns and reading cycles of my life.

Sometimes I went up to the hilltops and sometimes I went down to the bottom of life’s valleys. When I overlooked the ups and downs, I could see certain patterns. I could discover my real strength when I was on top. Also, I could recognize my negative patterns when I slipped into the valleys. Whether I was on top or at the bottom, each event didn’t happen overnight. It was created by certain patterns. So, instead of being stuck on specific events too long, I suggest you look at the whole picture and focus on finding patterns in your life.

Third, I reframed my life story based on my new vision.

Past is not something dead like a rock. Through reframing, we give a new life to our past. Then our past revives and serves our new life purpose. Isn’t it amazing? It’s the first step to redesigning our future. It may take time to reframe your life as you intend. If you could find cause or purpose in your life, you would do that more easily.


Now it’s your turn

Do you feel motivated to rewrite your life story?
If you feel like trying, please do so. I support you 100%.
Don’t expect you write an amazing story at your first trial.
Over time, your story will be shinier and you will find more gems in the story.