Racing chariots expanding human potential – Eliud Kipchoge ran a marathon at 1:59:40

breaking the two-hour barrier in marathon


It’s an achievement of all humanity


I watched the whole race of Eliud Kipchoge in live streaming last night.

He and his pacemakers looked like invincible chariots carrying a message of human victory.

We, humans, can run 42.195 Km, or 26.2 miles within 2 hours.

Eliud Kipchoge didn’t have any competitors in the race. Only supporters ran with him. Everybody supported him.

It’s not just his personal achievement. It’s an achievement of all humanity. He ran as a representative of humanity.

More than 700,000 people were watching the YouTube live stream with me. I’m sure so many people were watching through various channels.

Maybe, not just humans. The whole galaxy was watching, or even the universe might be watching what’s going on on earth.


Eliud Kipchoge said, “No human is limited”


I can’t forget his last 500-meter sprint. He was an absolute conviction itself. His eye lights, hand gestures, every step confirmed his message: “No human is limited”.

It was a very impressive race. I can guess how he prepared the race and how he handled all the challenges during the race.

He stretched human limitations even further.
Actually, we, humans, have no limits.

No human is limited


Video: Summary of the Race


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INEOS 1:59 Challenge


This project is called INEOS 1:59 Challenge to break the two-hour barrier for the marathon. It’s a private racing project and the record is not acknowledged as IAAF official record.

In 2016, Nike held a project called Breaking2. In this project, Eliud Kipchoge ran the race in 2:00:25. After the Breaking2 project, he broke a world record in Berline Marathon 2018.

Since the Breaking2 project, he prepared himself to break the two-hour barrier.


Three reasons why it cannot be an official world record


Based on the rules of IAAF, this race cannot be acknowledged as an official world record.

First, no competitors ran in this race. Only Eliud Kipchoge ran.

Second, pacemakers joined in the middle of the race. In this project, 42 pacemakers made 9 teams and took the turn to lead the pace of each section.

Third, a coach provided fluid as he rode a bike next to the runner. In a real race, the runners should take the fluid at the table provided by the event.



Recorded Live Stream Video – Full Race


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