Dong-ahn-guh Day 11 – Sunday Ritual

My Jungbub Journal


My Jungbub Journal – Eleventh Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)


No Work on Sunday, More Rest


Since Dong-ahn-guh started, I don’t work on Sunday.
Instead, take more rest and read more books.
I feel my body wants more rest and my spirit wants more information.

One of my goals during this meditation retreat is getting clearer about my future goal and setting a 3-year plan.
My spirit wants to absorb more information in order to decide my goal and arrange the plan.
Also, my body and brain are transforming to prepare my new mission. That’s my guess why my body craves rests. Or it might be an instinct of winter hibernation. Hibernation is a preparation process for the next year. That also makes sense.


My Sunday Ritual – Deep Cleaning


My ritual on every Sunday is a deep cleaning.
Move furniture, sweep the floor and mob with Pinesol.
I clean the dust, clear any stagnant energy from the past week and welcome the new energy of the week.

Does it work? Oh yes. It’s a very powerful ritual. Completely reset the energy of the house and prepare our spirit to face any tasks or challenges next week.
I believe a deep cleaning is the proof of Quantum Physics. The cleaning changes the vibration of every element in a quantum level.

My main focus for the next week:

  • Finish T.A website and migrate it at Bluehost
  • Start the web design project of D.H.L
  • Plan my new website of (4 content silos)


Aloha, My name is Shawn S Lee. I’m a life coach, a web designer, and a Jungbub student. Please feel free to read my blog. If you like to receive my newsletter, leave your name and email.

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