Changing My Sleeping Pattern


During the last weekend, I’ve changed my sleeping pattern to wake up early. Before I tried a new sleep pattern, I concerned a little bit about suffering from the lack of energy during the day. Yet, in actuality, as I woke up early, I had the most energetic and productive days during the weekend.

I had a myth saying that creative and intelligent work can be performed better at night rather than early morning. I’ve stuck to this myth for a while and it’s been my strong belief.

Now I changed my old programming and installed a new belief system in my subconsciousness by using a new affirmation. I adopted the most part of the affirmation from “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod.

I added one more sentence in the affirmation. It says:

“Enduring mediocrity in my life is a sin for my soul.”

This morning, I spent amazing two hours and I’m ready to kick off my day with full of vitality now.


9 PM Affirmation


9 PM affirmation - Changing my sleeping pattern