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I built my first website in 2002. It was an online Yoga & Meditation Products Store. Even though we’re located in Arizona, people in California or Florida found us and purchased from us. At the time, I was thrilled by the possibilities that the internet would create.

The population using the internet will only grow until everybody in the world uses it. Not only organizations (profit or nonprofit) but also many individuals are running their blog/website. If you have thought about running your own blog/website, please do it. You can find all the resources on the internet. “Google it!”

However, if you don’t have a time for DIY web designing and hosting, check my service. I provide modern & affordable web design service. After setting the goal and the target audience of your website, I will suggest a few options. I love to support thriving businesses and to spread valuable ideas.

I’m running a web design company in the island of Kauai, Hawaii to support our local businesses. But our service is not limited only to Hawaii. We work globally. Please check out our website and request a quote for your website.

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Shawn & Mary created a website for my business that’s attractive,
user-friendly & it was a quick, painless process.
- Martha McKinley, Yoga Studio Owner -

They are both so professional in their approach and very up to date
on current trends in the business world.

- Martha McKinley, Yoga Studio Owner -

They do research about this business & give great suggestions.
They have modern, fresh ideas!

- Martha McKinley, Yoga Studio Owner -
Through only a few questions they ascertained what I really wanted
& plus they took care of all the details of putting it together.
- Martha McKinley, Yoga Studio Owner -
In no time my website was up & running beautifully.
Most of all, they take care of all the work that it takes to keep up with it.
- Martha McKinley, Yoga Studio Owner -
I was stunned by the professional pics that he took
as part of the package that purchased.
- Martha McKinley, Yoga Studio Owner -