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Jungbub Water

Jungbub-4119. The Essence of Water, the Function of Acupuncture (2/2)

(Continuing from episode 1) Q. I have read a story in a book of an Australian aboriginal, which talks about the method they use when receiving heavenly messages. When they do not know what they should do, as Seuseungnim said, they drink a cup of water before going to bed and pray

If our soul is pleasant, then life is pleasant

Jungbub-5626. If our soul is pleasant, then life is pleasant

Q. If our soul is pleasant, then life is pleasant. A. When our souls are pleasant, we recover fast from fatigue and don’t feel tired so quickly. If our souls are pleasant, although we don’t eat, we don’t feel hungry. This is the state of a pleasant soul. If our souls are

Jungbub the importance of words

Jungbub-6347. The Importance of Words (2/2)

(Continuing from episode 1) From the bottom class, the sweet potato and fish sellers, to the top class leaders, spiritual leaders, ministers, and monks. They are all intellectuals in their own field. All people in this country are intellectuals, but they just don’t know how to use their knowledge. This is the

Jungbub the Importance of words

Jungbub-6346. The Importance of Words (1/2)

Q. As we live on, we find some who choose to speak out their opinions actively, and others who try to restrain themselves from speaking out. It seems that we find it difficult to speak moderately in appropriate place and time. So please give us lessons on this matter. Thank you. A.

How did Jungbub Seuseungnim get enlightened

Jungbub-0150. How did Seuseungnim (Great Master) get enlightened

Q. I would like to hear about your story, Great Mater. You are teaching many people and helping people be enlightened. You have said that knowledge is energy. I want to hear how you have absorbed all the energy, and how you have gotten enlightened? A. It is a very difficult and


Jungbub-5605. Study of Hongikingan Born in Foreign Lands

Q. You said Hongikingan were the people of the root nation. Then I would like to ask you about our second generations who were born in the USA. And if they are also Hongikingan, what should they learn and which role should they play? A. When we say ‘we are Hongikingan’, it

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