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Jungbub no greed for money

Jungbub-4192. Cherishing Money Above One’s Life (3/3)

(Continuing from episode 2) Q. What is the difference between cherishing money above one’s life and having greedy for money? A. Having greed for money is that you want to have lots of money. Cherishing money is knowing its precious value when money was given to you.  To cherish money, one should


Jungbub-0456. Anger

Q. When I talk to someone, I often come to face situations where I can’t control my anger and it becomes an obstacle. I think that it is from the putting up my pride. How can I stay calm? A. Being angry means that it is said that you are smart. You

Jungbub the importance of words

Jungbub-6347. The Importance of Words (2/2)

(Continuing from episode 1) From the bottom class, the sweet potato and fish sellers, to the top class leaders, spiritual leaders, ministers, and monks. They are all intellectuals in their own field. All people in this country are intellectuals, but they just don’t know how to use their knowledge. This is the

Jungbub the Importance of words

Jungbub-6346. The Importance of Words (1/2)

Q. As we live on, we find some who choose to speak out their opinions actively, and others who try to restrain themselves from speaking out. It seems that we find it difficult to speak moderately in appropriate place and time. So please give us lessons on this matter. Thank you. A.

self development

Jungbub-6136. Types of Self Development

Q. Listening to master’ lesson today, I noticed a part that I struggled with and felt curious about. When you say we are improving ourselves for the future, does that mean I should study subjects in areas I find interesting or does it mean I should listen to master’s lessons and rather

The United States

Jungbub-5073. The United States, the Land of Freedom and Hope

Q. The image of the United States is that it is the land of liberty, the land of hope for so many from all over the world. They came to America dreaming of the American dream. However, America’s freedom seems to be only for the Puritan in the past. Currently America looks


Jungbub-6246. How to spend your birthday in the right way

Q. May I ask you a question related to birthdays since it is my birthday today? Nowadays, there are many different birthday cultures. You can spend your birthday receiving a lot of blessings from many people, or you can spend your birthday alone comfortably recognizing that ‘It is my birthday today.’ I


Jungbub-1365. Addiction

Q. Humans become addicted to the internet, drugs, gambling, shopping, and even to a thought or an ideology. Please tell me why these kinds of addictions are happening and how to get rid of them. A. The reason why everything in society becomes addictive is that people have not equipped themselves with

Inner Power

Jungbub-6652. Inner Power

Inner Power: Scientists don’t know what inner power is yet. They don’t know such power as inner power. They only know about the force of gravity, so how can they study on this subject? Being the greatest energy of all, inner power is significantly bigger than the force of gravity. No matter

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