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Jungbub no greed for money

Jungbub-4192. Cherishing Money Above One’s Life (3/3)

(Continuing from episode 2) Q. What is the difference between cherishing money above one’s life and having greedy for money? A. Having greed for money is that you want to have lots of money. Cherishing money is knowing its precious value when money was given to you.  To cherish money, one should

[JUNGBUB TALK] Lecture 4191. Money in Youth (2/3)

Jungbub-4191. Money (2/3)

(Continuing from episode 1) Q. Many people say that they had earned good money when they didn’t know about money, but they couldn’t make money anymore once they found out about its value. A. They didn’t know about money. They couldn’t earn money because they became greedy for money. That is the

[JUNGBUB TALK] Lecture 4190. Wealth in Youth (1/3)

Jungbub-4190. Wealth in Youth (1/3)

Q. Wealth in Youth  A. When you have wealth in youth and you don’t utilize it properly, the money will leak out damaging you. Wealth in youth means that you are being watched if you can use this in the right way. When you don’t utilize money properly, the money will leak

Jungbub-6278. Life-long jobs no longer exist for the digital generation (2/2)

(Continuing from episode 1) A. If you want to work for some company, you should research about their mission and ideology, and ensure that their actions reflect these values. If you strongly agree with their ideology, then you should work there and learn. This is what sociology is. The younger generation were not

Jungbub-6191. Car Sales – Business at a loss, Complaints (2_3)

Jungbub-6191. Car Sales – Business at a loss, Complaints (2/3)

(Continuing from episode 1) Q. While pursuing profits in a business, we inevitably face situations where we would be running at a loss. I wonder if we still have to sell in these circumstances with a purpose to value the relationship with our clients. A. Are you not going to sell if

Jungbub Car Sales – The urge to make more money business

Jungbub-6190. Car Sales – The urge to make more money (1/3)

Q. Thank you, Seuseungnim (the Great Mentor). Though there have been many similar questions, having all these sales people gathered around I would like to ask you this question. Seuseungnim (the Great Mentor) told us not to try to make money whether you are an entrepreneur or a salesperson. In reality, it’s

Operating a beauty salon

Jungbub-3446. Operating a Beauty Salon

Q. I’m doing beauty work now. When I started working in this field, I wanted to become an operator, but after I have been doing it for years, now I think that I am not gifted at doing beauty work. So I’m not sure if I should study now to become an

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