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[JUNGBUB TALK] Lecture 4190. Wealth in Youth (1/3)

Jungbub-4190. Wealth in Youth (1/3)

Q. Wealth in Youth  A. When you have wealth in youth and you don’t utilize it properly, the money will leak out damaging you. Wealth in youth means that you are being watched if you can use this in the right way. When you don’t utilize money properly, the money will leak

Jungbub-1042. An Advice of an Arrogant Man (2-2)

(Continuing from episode 1) A. Referring back to the question, let’s say you dislike the person who is willing to give you help. Why can’t you appreciate the help? Because you are thinking, “Gosh, I’ve already got what you have.” Okay? Now that is arrogance. The arrogance of a man who possesses

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