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Jungbub-6278. Life-long jobs no longer exist for the digital generation (2/2)

(Continuing from episode 1) A. If you want to work for some company, you should research about their mission and ideology, and ensure that their actions reflect these values. If you strongly agree with their ideology, then you should work there and learn. This is what sociology is. The younger generation were not

Jungbub The Meaning of Love

Jungbub-2285. The Meaning of Love

Q. Today, we greeted to you, Great Master, saying, “I love you.” It seems that there are many kinds of love and you have lectured a lot on love. Please teach us about love which we can share as brotherhood, parent-child, neighbors, and acquaintances. A. Let me ask you a question. Who


Jungbub-5605. Study of Hongikingan Born in Foreign Lands

Q. You said Hongikingan were the people of the root nation. Then I would like to ask you about our second generations who were born in the USA. And if they are also Hongikingan, what should they learn and which role should they play? A. When we say ‘we are Hongikingan’, it

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