Today, I feel proud of myself. I just opened my website, version 3.0.

Since I left the organization which I had worked for 19 years, I found myself who cannot come back to the society normally. I’ve gone too far from the normal life. When I left the organization, I didn’t know where to start or what I could do at the time.

I could not stay in Korea. When I left Korea, I left from Kim-po airport in my twenties. When I came back to Korea, I went back to In-cheon airport in my forties. So many things changed. (Now, Kim-po airport is used for the domestic airlines. Instead, In-cheon International Airport is newly built.)

I moved to this island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and I could not find a regular job. Unfortunately, I still cannot understand Hawaiian dialect or Pidgin.

Later, I remembered that I made an online store to sell yoga & meditation products in 2002. I made a big website from scratch by myself while I was working for a distribution company. I felt strong confidence that I can do anything if I decide. Also, the website showed me huge possibilities of the online world.

So, after I moved to Kauai in 2016, I started to educate myself for all the new technologies about website and blog: HTML 5.0 / CSS / WordPress / SEO (Search Engine Optimization) / VPS Hosting and so on.

I made Ver 1.0 in 2016, Ver 2.0 in 2017, and now just opened Ver 3.0.

Especially I’m excited about the Ver 3.0 because I have a clear vision for this website. With this website, I will focus on spreading Jungbub globally to more people and writing down my awakening through my life experiences: My 20 years’ dedication searching for the Truth of Life.

I will write down all my lessons here, so it will be one of the guidelines for the young people who are searching for the Truth as I did.

The starting of the website is like a small seed dropped on the ground but the result will be like a huge field of fruits and grains.

Today is the proudest I’ve felt over the past 3 years.