Happy New Year!!

The beginning of the New Year always brings us hope and excitement. I want to share with you how this period is important.

In Korea, traditionally we believe that the beginning of the year influences and defines the direction of the whole year. The door of the New Year’s energy opens on the first day and closes in two weeks. During that time, we receive the New Year’s energy and utilize it to set the intention, to make goals and plans. Also, we visit the people whom we appreciate or respect, and we share words of wisdom, blessing, and gratitude

During the period, we avoid any negativity. We try to stay away from arguments, conflicts, blaming, criticizing, anger, hatred and so on. If any of them happens during the time, we reflect why it happens and take precaution in making plans for the year.

Also, we utilize this period to attract the energy we need for the year. For example, if we want to succeed in business this year, we visit the place where the business is thriving now or meet the people who succeed in business. We bring small gifts to them and have conversations through which we find what we can learn and develop this year. In the same way, we visit the people who create happiness, harmony, wisdom or prosperity in their lives.

Traditionally Korea used the lunar calendar. So the first day of the year is a new moon. After two weeks, we climb the hill and greet the first Full Moon as we make wishes for the year. On the Full Moon day, children play with the fire which burns old energy and brings in a new passion. So the Lunar New Year and the first Full Moon Day are very important holidays in Korea. –I believe that it’s same to China and Japan.-

Now the door of the New Year has just opened. Please use the special energy to set your resolution & goals and to attract all the positive energy throughout the year.