A Solar Eclipse Will Change Our Energy System: Meditation Guides for the Eclipse

Solar Eclipse will change our energy

Next week will be a very interesting week for our spiritual growth. Two powerful celestial events will impact our energy field and re-calibrate the human energy system. Next Monday, August 21 2017, a total solar eclipse will be seen across North America. And on the following Monday, August 28 2017, Seventh Day of the Seventh Month on the lunar calendar will solidify our spiritual achievement this year. Today I want to talk about how the solar eclipse will change our energy system.

Please prepare yourself well to get the full upgrades in your energy and consciousness from the celestial events.


My Experience Watching the Lunar Eclipse in Sep 2015

Do you remember the lunar eclipse which happened on Sunday night in September 2015. I still clearly remember trembling awe which aroused in me while watching the full episode of the lunar eclipse 2 years ago. 

Violet hue surrounding the moon made the night magical and mysterious. I got the feeling that the moon was also watching me. We tried to communicate with each other at a certain level. My heart was filled with unknown hope and the impression stayed for a while after the event. My internal guidance got stronger and my intuition became louder and clearer since then.



What Will Happen During the Solar Eclipse?

– I’m going to share my personal opinion about energetic & spiritual impacts from a solar eclipse. I formed my opinion as I meditate and research on how the solar eclipse will change our energy. If you like it, you can adopt it and apply it to your life –

When you see the sun disappearing in the sky, that means the moon comes in between you and the sun, and blocks the sunlight coming to you. So three entities – the sun, the moon and you – will be completely aligned. Spiritually, we can say that heaven (the source), earth (the matter) and human (energy and consciousness) become one. It’s like returning to an original connection or a zero point.


How the Solar Eclipse Will Change Our Energy:

A solar eclipse will reset our energy system. The moon turns off the sunlight momentarily and guides us to the path to our complete alignment – a union of heaven, earth and human -. This process is like restarting a computer to update and upgrade software in the system or putting a gear neutral before shifting to a higher speed when we drive a car.

Especially, pineal gland in our brain which works with the light will be influenced the most by the change of light. Our pineal gland will perceive many subtle rays around the sun while the moon blocks the major sunlight. In normal times, the sunlight is too strong for our physical eyes to perceive all different subtle rays and energies around the sun. Those special rays may stimulate and unlock our latent functions in our brain and pineal gland.
*Caution! Please wear proper eye protection if you plan to look at the solar eclipse.


How to Meditate During the Solar Eclipse

During the eclipse, you can set your intention to return to the complete alignment. And while watching the sun disappearing, you meditate on deleting old beliefs and unplug old energy patterns that you don’t want. And while watching the sun coming back, you visualize to reinstall new beliefs and to plug in new energy patterns that you intent to create.

If I experienced my internal changes in feminine aspects during the lunar eclipse, from the solar eclipse I expect my external changes in masculine aspects. Such as physical transformation, strength and faith in my chosen destiny, goal achievements and physical manifestations and so on.

When the moon is positioned at the exact opposite direction from the sun, it becomes a full moon. When positioned at the same direction, it becomes a new moon. So during the solar eclipse, the moon will become a new moon as completing an old cycle and beginning a new one. After the eclipse, when you look up the west side of the sky in the evening, you will see the new moon following the sun right behind of it. As the moon waxes every day, it will support the new upgrades in your energy system for two weeks.


My Additional Suggestions

I suggest you not only meditate on your personal transformation during the eclipse, but also meditate on the growth of our collective consciousness. They say that it will be the first total solar eclipse in 99 years to cross from coast to coast. When we meditate and visualize positive changes in the United States and on earth collectively, it will bring in strong impacts on earth with the assistance from the celestial realm.

If you love crystals like me, you can hold a few of them during the eclipse. Especially quartz is used in our modern technology to process data and store them in our computers or electronic devices. Also it has been used for our spiritual journey for a long time throughout the history. While you hold crystals during your meditation, they will be programmed with your intentions and be charged with the special rays from the eclipse. Later, whenever you meditate with the crystals, they will remind you of your intentions and accelerate your changes.


Please Don’t Miss This Opportunity

Please check the time when the eclipse will start in your location. I’m attaching the link for Solar Eclipse Interactive Map of NASA here. When you click your location on the map, you will find the information you need.


Seventh Day of the Seventh Month on the Lunar Calendar

The following Monday, August 28 2017, is the Seventh Day of the Seventh Month on the lunar calendar. In east Asia, there are many variations of the myth about the day. If I summarize, the weaver girl represents Yin Energy and the cow-herder represents Yang Energy and a celestial bridge of magpies (one of the most common birds in east Asia) represents Our Milky Way Galaxy. The weaver girl and the cow-herder meet on the bridge once a year and it’s the Seventh Day of the Seventh Month.

My next newsletter will guide you on how to meditate on that special day in order to connect with the highest celestial energy. If you are interested in the mythical story, please click here.




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