HeyKauai.com – when I contribute to the community, I’m just paid back


I built a website for the community, heykauai.com


In November, I built a news website for the community. It’s called HeyKauai.com. I used RSS, Google Alerts and imbedded Facebook pages to collect all the news articles related to our community. Also, I made State-wide and Nation-wide news sections.

Not only the news page, but I also made live traffic maps, weather updates, and community calendar. I always wanted to see that information in one place, and now I made it myself. As much as I enjoyed this website, I was sure that the community would enjoy it. So, I made a business card to introduce the website and started to share it with people whom I know.

People loved the site. And they appreciated my work.


Suddenly, I got 4 new clients in a week


Then, I started to get clients who request to design websites. 4 new clients in a week. Wow! It never happened before and it just happened right after I finished heykauai.com.

Is it coincident? I’m not sure. Yet, what I’m sure is the law of energy conservation and exchange. I didn’t expect to make money through the website. If I could get a small amount of money to maintain the website and domain name, that would be enough.

As the website contributed to the community, the energy was just paid back to the contributor in an appropriate form. The energy guided new clients to me. They are suddenly attracted to me. I don’t know what happened in detail, yet it’s how the energy works.

I’m observing and experiencing the law of energy: conservation and exchange. Still learning, yet the confidence in my observation is getting stronger. It’s a very positive experience.


Aloha, My name is Shawn S Lee. I’m a life coach, a meditation teacher, and a Jungbub student. Please feel free to read my blog. If you like to receive my newsletter -just about once a month-, leave your name and email.

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