Dong-ahn-guh (Winter Meditation Retreat) Day 09

My Jungbub Journal


My Nineth Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)


November ends and December is begining.


Today is the last day of November. I wrapped up November’s projects early.

Since I think of three days as one time-unit, I feel much organized and productive.
I didn’t improve any skills. Just paid more attention to the operating system of my thinking.
Even now, I’m conscious of Saturday (12/1), Sunday (12/2) and Monday (12/3) at the same time.
They are just intertwined as one set.
My small decision at this point defines consequences on Monday already.
I don’t need to wait until Monday to confirm them.

Through this practice, I build much more confidence and hope.
Less worry, less tension.
I am excited about what will happen in December.


Try to understand from other’s perspective.


This is a magical practice.

Try to keep opening and perceiving the situation from other’s viewpoint.
Even I didn’t understand at the time, later a new insight comes to me.

I appreciate everyone who comes to my life and communicates with me.
The more I meditate on them, the more grateful I feel.


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